Why more and more people choose to apply for PMP

Due to the international recognition of pmp certification, they have pmp certification , it is a direct manifestation of personal and company project management level, which will bring convenience to PMP's career, work and other aspects. .

The process of participating in the PMP certification and the pmp exam is also a process of systematic learning and consolidation of project management knowledge. This process will help PMP certified participants to combine their previous project management experience with systematic project management knowledge, confirm each other, and achieve a combination of theory and practice, thereby deepening their understanding of project management.

PMP certification is currently the highest gold certificate in the project management industry, and has been highly recognized in more than 206 countries and regions around the world.

Participate in PMP certification, first learn project management knowledge, tools and methods, and second get globally recognized project management certificate.

PMP certificate contains high gold content certificate

China has introduced project management professional certification since PMP exam , Become the requirement of project management practitioners for themselves, and become the "stepping stone" for those who will be engaged in project management work.

In some large enterprises, even PMP certification is a must-have qualification to become an enterprise "project manager". Internationally, PMP certification has also become one of the qualifications for project bidding. Only companies with PMP certification project managers are eligible to participate in bidding, and project managers must have PMP certification.

What is PMP certification?

PMP certification Project manager qualification certification system, the project manager who passed the certification is called pmp, namely Project Management Professional (Project Management Professional).

Since 1984, the Project Management Institute (PMI) of the United States has been committed to comprehensive development and maintained a strict, examination-based expert qualification certification program in order to promote the project management industry and confirm Individual achievements in project management.

The pmp certification has been implemented in China since 1999, and the training center of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs is authorized by PMI to be responsible for the registration and examination organization of PMP certification in China.

Who is suitable for the PMP test ​

  • Project manager, project supervisor, system manager, system integration engineer, system development engineer, and project Team members
  • Senior executives and business owners in various departments of the company
  • Project managers

Why do many companies preferentially hire PMP

Due to the international recognition of PMP certification, possession of the PMP certificate is also a direct manifestation of the company’s project management level, many international and domestic In the bidding, the number of project professionals PMP is also one of the criteria for considering the strength of the company.

More and more project-centric enterprises in China are participating in international and domestic market competitions. They must improve project efficiency, increase response speed to the market and customers, and increase customer satisfaction as an enterprise. The goal of improving competitiveness, and to achieve this goal, it is necessary to improve the level of project management, so more and more companies start the training of project talents.

Some companies give priority to PMP certificate holders when they are enrolled. Some companies encourage project backbones to take PMP exams and certifications in batches and phases. Some companies Carry out internal project management training and learning. In short, project management will definitely improve project efficiency, improve work efficiency, and win greater competitiveness for the enterprise.

First of all, you have obtained the PMP certification, which means you have become a project management professional. It will be valued in many companies. Leaders will value it more and there will be more opportunities. There is no need to mention salary. Up.

If you think that PMP certification has only these meanings, then you are wrong. When project managers take the PMP exam, they can not only cope with the exam freely, but also improve their project management capabilities. In future projects, it will undoubtedly perform even better. These undoubtedly bring better benefits to project managers in many aspects of their work and life.

Why the PMP certificate is the most valuable qualification?

According to the US IT training company Global Knowledge and the magazine Windows IT Pro in the fall of 2014, the US IT industry According to the survey, among the 15 most valuable professional qualification certifications, the PMP Certification (Project Management Professional) qualifications sponsored by PMI (Project Management Institute) ranked fourth. PMP certification is also the first among non-IT security technology certifications. The three certifications ranked in front of the PMP certification are all IT security technology certifications.

The following are the top 5 qualifications and average annual salary:

1, Risk and Information System Control (CRISC): US$119,227

2, Information Security Manager (CISM): US$118,348

3. Information System Security Specialist (CISSP): US$110,603

4. Project Management Professional (PMP): US$109405

5. Information System Auditor (CISA): US$106,181

PMP certification is an internationally authoritative project management professional certification. Since the first exam in 1984, it has developed rapidly. Currently, the number of PMPs worldwide has exceeded 800,000. China has become the country with the largest number of PMPs after the United States.

Join the PMP team and work with outstanding people to make yourself more outstanding!

What is the difference between PMP and MBA

A slight comparison between MBA and PMP certificate, the same is that PMP or Both MBAs are cultivating mid-to-high-level business talents with practical management capabilities. The differences between the two are as follows:

1. MBA pays more attention to the cultivation of business management theory and knowledge, and emphasizes theory; PMP focuses on the application of the nine knowledge areas of project management to solve practical problems of the project, which is practical Strong sex.

2. MBA generally needs to pay 50,000-200,000 yuan in tuition, which takes 2-3 years (excluding test preparation time); PMP only costs 5-7 thousand yuan, 2-3 months .

3. MBA is a "certificate of academic qualifications"; PMP is the same as international licenses such as international auditors, accountants, etc., and is an internationally recognized "certificate of competence".

6. After obtaining the MBA, its professional development depends entirely on its own efforts; PMI continues to provide the world's most advanced management methods for PMP, which can continue to maintain the management knowledge and ability of those who have obtained the certificate.

In addition, MBA is aimed at internal management, focusing on individual management capabilities; and project managers usually face the needs of customers or internal companies, so the talents who obtain PMP pay more attention to how to integrate resources and develop the team , Apply management skills to complete project goals and satisfy customers.

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