Some people still pay great attention to the gold content of CISA when preparing for the CISA International Auditor exam. So why is CISA taking the exam by so many people around the world, it must have a charm that other certificates do not have. Come and listen to other institutions or The evaluation of CISA international certified auditors by large companies.

Recently, due to the existence of some security risks, enterprises have truly realized the importance of information security. For example, data leakage incidents are frequently exposed by the media (such as the leakage of credit card letters of Target customers), and regulatory agencies have continuously increased the security and audit requirements of information systems. Multinational corporations, financial institutions, listed companies and professional service organizations have an unabated desire for professionals in information systems auditing, control and security.

The senior management of Morgan, a multinational enterprise, once pointed out: "The progress of globalization has further enhanced the value of the CISA certificate, showing that it is a truly internationally recognized qualification certificate." Global Knowledge's research shows that in 2021, CISA will be in 15 Ranked 6th in Top-Paying Certifications, with an average annual salary of over 113K. CISA shows to employers that the certificate holder has comprehensive knowledge of computer software and hardware, a unique sensitivity to network and system security, and a deep understanding of financial accounting and corporate internal control.

Golden Leader Life

CISA is one of the highest paying certificates. CISA has long been at the top of this list for its market value.

CISA is one of the most important certificates for employers to recruit employees. CISA is a prerequisite for the Australian Government IRAP certificate.

- Analysis of the UK Government Cybersecurity Skills Report 2014.

Australian Signals Authority makes CISA a required credential for the Information Security Registered Assessor program

The Stock Exchange of India (SEBI) stipulates that the provision of Computer and Computer Link (CTCL) trading software Suppliers must be audited by auditors holding CISA/CISP/ISA/DISA certificates

The Indian Income Tax Department requires all e-receipt intermediaries to be CISA-certified or ISA-certified.

CISA's job prospects and market are very broad. Due to the requirements of internal and external supervision (such as Sarbanes-Oxley), multinational enterprises, large financial institutions and complianceOfficer and RiskManager such as ITAuditor, ISAuditor, ITInternalControl, SecurityAnalyst, ComplianceOfficer and RiskManager. At the same time, large accounting firms, such as the Big Four, have advisory teams specializing in information systems auditing, control and security services.

Due to internal and external regulatory requirements (such as Sarbanes-Oxley), multinational enterprises, large financial institutions and listed companies have a certain number of information system audit, control and security positions, such as ITAuditor, ISAuditor, ITInternalControl , SecurityAnalyst, ComplianceOfficer, and RiskManager. Meanwhile, large accounting firms (eg Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, BDO, Ernst & Young) have sizable consulting teams specializing in information systems auditing, control and security services.


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