1. Global cybersecurity talent demand

2. (ISC)² certification value

3. Introduction to CISSP certification: Overview/Knowledge Domain/Exam/Preparation/Member Benefits< /p>

4. Official training and knowledge domain explanation

The importance of network security, the gap of network security talents, industry situation, policies and talent market demand, market prospects, talent training, etc. We can understand from the introduction that according to the (ISC)² report, the global cybersecurity talent gap is as high as 3.12 million, of which the Asia-Pacific region has the most serious talent shortage. It can be seen that the current gap in cybersecurity talents is large, and the overall workforce is still present. The situation of shortage of azimuth.

Analyzing the needs of enterprises for cyber security talents, we understand that the following needs are the most urgent:

1. Have international and domestic recognized security certificates< /p>

2, have relevant security practical experience

3, be familiar with international and domestic information security standards such as ISO27001, grade protection standards, etc.

4, understand industry related (Banking Regulatory Commission China Insurance Regulatory Commission)’s information security regulations

5. Be able to formulate actual enterprise-level information security management regulations

6. Have comprehensive IT technical capabilities and operation and maintenance management capabilities

7. Ability to integrate information security management into business processes

8. Ability to develop and test secure information products to reduce risks

9. Periodic security for information systems Audit inspection

10. Coordinating with various business departments, establishing a security team, division of responsibilities, and solving specific security issues

Teacher Shi Yong’s sharing allows us to understand the situation of the cyber security industry , Policy and talent market demand. Next, here comes the core content that everyone pays the most attention to-the introduction of CISSP certification.

CISSP is known as the industry’s "gold standard"

Through this presentation, we learned that CISSP certification is the first to comply with ISO2 /IEC17024 standard information security certification, has been hailed as c. It is an ideal choice for information security professionals to prove their knowledge and practical experience and implementation of network security strategies. Demonstrates possessing advanced knowledge and skills to design, develop and manage the overall security situation of an organization. It is the best certification to enter the field of information security and the most influential, recognized and comprehensive information system security certification internationally recognized . CISSP holders are located in more than 175 countries around the world, and the number of holders has exceeded 150,000+. At present, CISSP certification holders in mainland China are still very scarce. The valid certificate is less than 3400+. According to incomplete statistics, it includes non-renewal fees and Unregistered personnel are at 1W+.

Who usually uses or needs CISSP?

It is understood that there are currently many certified personnel in the following positions, such as information security personnel, corporate information security technical personnel, management personnel, and corporate IT operation and maintenance personnel (network, system, computer room, etc.) , Corporate IT and information security auditors, other information security practitioners, can be specific to, security consultants, security analysts, security managers, security systems engineers, information technology directors/managers, chief information security officers, security auditors, security directors , Security architects, network architects, etc.

CISSP exam and weight ratio

Exam format:Chinese-English comparison, computer-based test

Exam time:6 hours

Exam questions:250 questions, full score is 1000, 700 points or more pass

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