With the advent of cloud computing, there are many platform exams that provide certification services for students, and if you want to successfully get the aws certificate, you need to find a professional certification platform. So how long is the validity period of the AWS Certified Solution Architect certificate? What does the aws certified architect test? Let me tell you about it!

One, what is an architect?

A system architect is a technician who finally confirms and evaluates system requirements, gives development specifications, builds the core framework for system implementation, clarifies technical details, and clears major difficulties. Mainly focus on the "technical realization" of the system. Therefore, he/she should be a master of specific development platforms, languages, and tools, and can give the most appropriate solutions to common application scenarios. At the same time, he/she should have sufficient understanding of the development team to which he/she belongs, and be able to evaluate their own team to achieve specific The cost required for functional requirements. The system architect is responsible for designing the overall architecture of the system. Every detail from requirements to design must be considered, grasping the entire project, so that the designed project is as efficient as possible, easy to develop, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, etc.

AWS Certified Solution Architect

Second, what does the AWS Certified Architect test?

AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA for short): This is the AWS Certified Associate-level Solution Architect exam. This exam focuses more on AWS architecture design, such as how to design a scalable and highly available system architecture, how to perform system and data migration, and plan your architecture design according to AWS architecture best practices, as well as how to control costs. Assistant-level solution architects need to have a basic understanding of several basic components of AWS, such as EC2, VPC, IAM, S3, Route53, etc., and master what they are, what are the usage scenarios, and the differences and advantages from traditional data centers, etc. . Will comprehensively examine the basic services of AWS, how to use them, how to create them and manage them. Therefore, it is also recommended that all friends who are preparing to take the exam first register for the AWS one-year free package. The free tier includes most of the AWS services you need to be familiar with to pass the exam. Only by doing it yourself can you better master the content.

3. How long is the validity period of the AWS Certified Solution Architect certificate?

This certificate now has a three-year validity period; it needs to be re-certified if it expires. This is also an important way for AWS to ensure the gold content of its own certificate. After all, the concept of cloud computing is endless. outdated. Of course, I think the certificate is just a short pause to end a learning process. What is really meaningful is the process and the knowledge learned.

Through the introduction of the editor, we can find that the gold content of this certificate is relatively high. The most important point is that the students have learned more computer knowledge!

Whether you enter Network or do entry-level tech work, IT certification is really a clear, and rewarding way to careers . IT certification supplies a better work-life balance and you’ll enter with a number of the major leaders available world. So just pursue the accreditation with ITCertDumps AWS Solution Architect Associate Dumps to assist you pass the exam fast.


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