CISA is called "Registered Information System Auditor" and is an internationally recognized auditing standard certification.

The attestation value, promotion value and consulting value of information system audit are being recognized by more and more enterprises and organizations. Through the audit, we can know whether the enterprise information system is safe and reliable, and can also prove to the public that the audited enterprise or organization has the relevant qualifications. The self-audit of enterprises can find loopholes and defects, improve management level, and improve economic benefits.

CISA certification is regarded as the "gold standard" of IT/IS certification by enterprises and professionals around the world. Similarly, CISA certification is one of the most important certificates for employers to recruit employees. CISA is the Australian government iRAP Certificate Prerequisites

So, how do you get CISA certification? Can I get CISA certification by passing the cisa exam?

There are two steps required to obtain CISA certification:

Step 1: Pass the CISA exam

Step 1 Step 2: The following two conditions need to be met

The conditions that must be met are: obtaining a passing score in the CISA exam and providing confirmation of 5 years of work experience in information system auditing, control, assurance or security work proof sheet.

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