ISACA's CRISC risk and information system control certification shows that it has expertise in identifying and managing corporate IT risks and implementing and maintaining information system controls. Get instant recognition and credibility through CRISC, and promote the professional career of certificate holders!

CRISC at a glance

CRISC has more than 26,000 certificate holders worldwide

The average salary of CRISC in Europe and the United States is 11.7K USD

CRISC exam update schedule

July 9, 2021: The last day to register for the current CRISC exam.

July 27, 2021: The last day to take the current CRISC exam.

August 1, 2021: The first day of taking the new exam.

What has changed in CRISC

Domain 1:

Old CRISC work practice: IT risk identification (27%)< /p>

New CRISC work practice: Governance (25%)

Domain 2:

Old CRISC work practice: IT risk assessment (28%)

New CRISC work practice: IT risk assessment (20%)

Domain 3:

Old CRISC work practice: risk response and Mitigation

New CRISC work practices: Risk response and reporting (32%)

Domain 4:

Old CRISC work Practice: Risk and control monitoring and reporting (22%)

CRISC’s new work practices: Information technology and security (22%)

These The changes reflect the following practitioner needs:

Domain 1: The term "governance" has been moved to the forefront of business thinking, with multiple examples of good governance at one end, and On the other end, global business failed due to poor governance. Without proper governance and risk management complementing each other, companies will not be able to properly plan and optimize resources, and they will not be able to realize benefits.

Area 3: The focus of the update is on continuous risk monitoring and reporting. The effectiveness of monitoring depends on its successful integration with reports. The report also helps management to conduct due diligence and due diligence in protecting the assets of the organization and meeting regulatory requirements.

Area 4: To effectively manage IT risks, risk practitioners must have an effective understanding of the key principles and concepts of information technology and security, such as familiarity with computer hardware and software And network concepts, corporate resilience, secure system development, data privacy rights, etc. The content has been expanded to test candidates in this critical area. We provide a full series of ISACA certification training question bank, CISA, CRISC, CDPSE, CISM, CGEIT, COBIT.

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