CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor, Chinese as International Information Systems Auditor) certification was initiated by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), which is a professional field of information system audit, control and security A symbol of achievement in China.

CISA certification is suitable for enterprise information system managers, IT managers, and IT audits.

How to register for the CISA exam?

Currently, you cannot register for the CISA exam by yourself. Registration must be made through an authorized training institution, and the individual registration channel has been cancelled.

ITCertDumps is an authorized institution designated by ISACA and has the qualification to sign up for CISA.

If you want to become a registered information system auditor, the applicant must:

1. Obtain a passing score on the CISA exam. If you only pass the CISA exam, but fail to obtain the work experience listed below, the exam results can only be valid for five years. If the applicant fails to meet the CISA certification requirements within five years, the exam results will be invalid.

2. Provide a confirmation certificate of 5 years of work experience in information system audit, control, attestation or security work. Work experience must be obtained within ten years before the certification application date, or within five years from the date of initially passing the exam.

How much does the CISA exam cost?

CISA official website test fee is 760 US dollars, there will be a certain discount for participating in the exams of ISACA authorized training institutions.

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy CISA Exam Dumps, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.


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