Information system auditing (IT auditing) is now becoming more and more important. In the era of big data, many companies have already made electronic business processes. For some large companies, the daily transaction volume can reach 100,000 or even At the million level, traditional audit methods can no longer control the risk of audit errors. As a result, many companies are now paying more and more attention to IT auditing.

After the cisa certification course is over, students will be able to master ISACA’s IT audit standards and guidelines; the concepts of disaster recovery plans, RTO, and RPO, and understand the basic principles, ideas, and audit skills of information system auditing.

How do I apply for the CISA exam, how many times a year, and where do I apply?

The CISA exam is open throughout the year. There will be several open window periods each year. It is not a fixed day, but can be registered and referenced in the time window. You can follow the ISACA official website or the ISACA designated institution near you at any time for the time and appointment of the CISA exam in 2022.

What is CISA certification?

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor—International Information Systems Auditor) certification was initiated by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association), a global Recognition of qualifications based on technical practice. As the preferred qualification for professionals in the field of information system management and security, it has been widely recognized by all industries in the world.

CISA is regarded as the "gold standard" for IT/IS certification by companies and professionals worldwide. At present, the number of domestic cisa holders is less than 10,000, which is a necessary certificate for IT auditors. The gold content is very high!

Is CISA high in gold? What are the benefits of taking the CISA certification?

Employment value

CISA's employment prospects and market are very impressive. Due to the requirements of internal and external supervision (such as Sarbanes-Oxley), multinational companies, large financial institutions and the majority of listed companies have a certain amount of information system audit, control and security positions, such as IT Auditor, IS Auditor, IT Internal Control, Security Analyst , Compliance Officer and Risk Manager. At the same time, large accounting firms, such as the Big Four, have considerable consulting teams specializing in information system auditing, control, and security services.

Authentication value

Through audit, reasonably guarantee the authenticity, completeness and reliability of the information system of the audited entity and the information it processes and generates , Consistency of policy compliance.

Promoting value

The auditor’s certification can increase people’s trust in the organization’s information system. Promote the organization to be more effectively brought into social and economic life. Through the audit, we find control deficiencies or loopholes, and put forward suggestions to solve the problems, so as to promote the audited unit to improve the management level and increase the economic benefits.

Because the IT auditor's reporting level is higher, the execution of audit rectification is more effective, so the effect of improving the organization's IT internal control is better.

Consulting value

The auditor helps the company establish and improve the internal control system, conduct system diagnosis and consultation, and objectively and neutrally help the company reduce the cost of the informatization construction process. risk.

CISA certification has in fact become an entry-level certification for IT auditing, and it is a necessary qualification for IT auditing practitioners.

Who is suitable for CISA certification?

CISA certification is suitable for enterprise information system managers

IT managers, IT auditors,

informatization consultants

Information security vendors or service providers

Other personnel interested in information system audits.

Whether you enter Network or do entry-level tech work, IT certification is really a clear, and rewarding way to careers . IT certification supplies a better work-life balance and you’ll enter with a number of the major leaders available world. So just pursue the accreditation with ITCertDumps ISACA CISA Dumps to assist you pass the exam fast.


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