The hottest development trend in the field of information technology is cloud computing. Every organization, big or small, is turning their applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud computing realm. Because of this, there is a great demand for computing professionals. Amazon AWS occupies the largest share of the current cloud service market. Therefore, every day you will find many people searching for the advantages of AWS certification on the Internet.

Currently, AWS professionals are in great demand. Therefore, it is obvious for aspiring cloud computing personnel to find a reason to obtain AWS certification. The advantage of AWS certification is that it can help aspiring cloud computing practitioners discover hidden opportunities in AWS-related careers.

The following discussion outlines ten different advantages of AWS certification. This discussion will start with the basic definition of AWS and the reasons for obtaining AWS certification, and tell you what positive results can be brought to you by obtaining AWS certification.

Basic overview of AWS

Before continuing to discuss the advantages of AWS certification, let us first understand the basics of AWS! First, we should start with the basic definition of AWS. Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that contains more than 100 cloud services that can help companies use computers, security systems, databases, storage, and many other resources.

The advantage of AWS is that companies only need to pay for the services they use (Pay as you go). AWS services can help companies create a complete infrastructure. A complete application environment can help companies run applications without physical hardware. Therefore, enterprises can reduce expenses while ensuring the scalability of operations.

Why is AWS special?

As discussed above, the pricing of AWS services is determined based on the amount and type of resources consumed by the user. Take a look at the various products provided by AWS, and the advantages of AWS certification will give you a general impression. Users can use the skills provided by AWS to create and publish various services. Other AWS services also provide users with the following skills.

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  • Operate network and application servers in the cloud to store internal applications and customer-facing websites
  • Apply all documents and sensitive data stored on easily accessible cloud resources Protection, very suitable for data backup and disaster recovery
  • Use services such as AWS Glue, AWS Kinesis and AWS QuickSight for reliable data analysis
  • Create a management database based on a well-known database management system, Such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL or PostgreSQL. This skill helps to store information and run reports
  • Using services such as the AWS cloud to develop a comprehensive content distribution network. This kind of content distribution network can share static files with different edge nodes all over the world

The advantages of obtaining AWS certification

Now, we are concerned about what AWS is and what it is for users There is already a clear impression of what different skills are provided. After observing the reasons for the high demand for AWS certification, we will begin to discuss the advantages of AWS certification. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the market leader among cloud service providers. why? Because it can provide cost-effective services to the organization. For enterprises of different sizes, AWS services are scalable and ideal.

The most important thing is that AWS can provide powerful security measures for the protection, monitoring, and maintenance of data centers. Therefore, AWS has consistently ranked first among cloud service providers. Therefore, the first reason to obtain AWS certification is the status of AWS. If you want to invest time and energy to learn cloud technology, then the best choice is AWS, the market leader.

Here is an in-depth understanding of Google Trends. The Google Trends here represents the growing demand for AWS certification:

Source: Google Trends

In order to obtain AWS certification, candidates must learn a comprehensive study guide and have practical experience. At the same time, AWS certification requires candidates to recertify every three years. Re-certification is to confirm that certified professionals understand the latest news and development trends in the AWS field. These reasons also answer the question "Is AWS certification worth it?" Therefore, it is now necessary to reflect on the advantages of different AWS certifications.

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  1. Prepare for the future

The advantages of AWS certification that we must first mention are related to the increasingly popular cloud technology. Recent research shows that by 2020, nearly 83% of enterprise workloads will be transferred to the cloud. As we all know, AWS is the market leader among cloud service providers.

Therefore, the advantages of AWS certification can help you prepare for the upcoming trends in the information technology professional job market. AWS occupies nearly 31% of the market share, and its revenue is gradually increasing. Soon, most companies will need AWS-certified professionals. Therefore, with AWS certification, you can show your skills to potential employers and increase your attractiveness as a job seeker. When the time comes, a slow motion with the left hand, and a slow motion replay with the left hand and the right hand to show the employer your extraordinary architectural skills.

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  1. A new way to develop professional skills

The next advantage of AWS certification is to develop professional skills. As discussed earlier, AWS certification requires a lot of learning, practice, and investment in learning AWS technology. In addition, candidates' attention to recertification also means that candidates need to keep abreast of the latest development trends in the AWS field. Therefore, you must demonstrate the professional skills required to obtain this certification and strive to maintain this certification.

The most important thing is that candidates can also obtain other AWS certifications to broaden their skills. Every AWS professional does not need to insist on a particular role. For example, you can obtain AWS DevOps engineer certification after obtaining AWS Assistant-level Devloper certification.

  1. Understanding your efforts

Another important advantage of AWS certification is that certified professionals can be recognized. Certified AWS professionals will receive a digital badge. These digital badges represent your certification achievements, and you can use them for social media and email signatures. Digital badges can help professionals instantly access exclusive certification events sponsored by AWS. Digital badges can also help them get an exclusive way to choose AWS technology summit and AWS certification lounge in "AWS re:Invent".

Moreover, with AWS certification, you can also get an invitation to participate in regional Appreciation Receptions. Now, you should find the answer to the question "Is AWS certification worth it?" Any individual wants to be recognized for AWS certification.

  1. Show the level of effort you put in

When you prove your effort, you will also find the advantages of AWS certification. Candidates eager to obtain AWS certification will invest a lot of time and energy to pass the exam. However, candidates must first choose AWS certification to show that they are fully committed to the AWS platform. Therefore, AWS certification shows the effort a professional has made on the AWS platform.

Getting AWS certification is not an easy process. Therefore, those who successfully obtain AWS certification must have gone through hard learning. Therefore, this certification means that the certified professionals have the spirit of perseverance. In this way, you can prove your dedication and perseverance through AWS certification.

  1. Getting AWS certification is not as difficult as you think

The advantage of AWS certification is that compared with other certifications, its form is relatively easy. The AWS certification implemented in 2013 has made great progress in increasing the pass rate of potential candidates. Currently, you can find many resources that can help you obtain the certification you desire. Documents, white papers, and instructor-led training courses support can help candidates obtain AWS certification more easily.

  1. Higher salary

The next advantage is the salary that AWS certification brings to you. According to the latest estimates from the Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification can increase the salary of a certified professional by approximately 30%. For certified professionals, the estimated average salary for AWS certification is approximately $113,932.

In contrast, the average annual salary of a professional without a certificate is $90,512. This clearly shows that AWS certification can bring you a lot of salary income every month. No one wants to miss the opportunity to raise a salary, are you willing?

  1. Opportunities to expand social networks

As mentioned above, AWS certification allows professionals who have obtained certificates to be recognized. One of the main advantages of AWS certification is to join the AWS certification global community. Professionals who have obtained the certificate can access the AWS certification LinkedIn community and network.

In addition to developing your professional network in the community, you can also find opportunities to expand your network. AWS certification has opened up a new path for participating in exchange meetings, conferences and professional gatherings. Therefore, you can interact with many people and expand your network, which is impossible with other methods.

  1. Bring more projects!

If you are a freelancer, the advantage of AWS certification is that it can bring you more lucrative projects! AWS certification can increase customer trust in a freelancer's ability to work on AWS technology. As we discussed earlier, AWS certification can bring you a digital badge. If these digital badges are properly applied to social media and digital signatures, they will become promising marketing elements. Therefore, you can use digital badges to show your credibility to customers, thereby gaining better revenue opportunities.

  1. The opportunity to become a subject matter expert

The most important advantage of AWS certification is the qualification of the subject matter expert (SME) program. Professionals who have obtained the certificate can access AWS's Subject Matter Expert (SME) program. The SME program can help candidates learn more about AWS services and feature sets. In addition, professionals can act as subject matter experts to participate in the exam development process and other seminars. Therefore, you can add a credential to your resume to show your contribution to the benchmark certification program.

  1. Employers are also profitable

The last advantage of AWS certification is related to employers. This means that employers can benefit from employees who have obtained AWS certification. Organizations with AWS-certified professionals can participate in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Companies can apply for different levels of APN programs according to their qualifications. Therefore, with the help of AWS certified professionals, companies can obtain the status of AWS partners.

Therefore, companies can obtain various resources and trainings to provide customers with better services and support. Each level of partner program has different advantages, and they can be improved through successive levels. In this way, if the company has a large number of AWS certified professionals, then it is more likely to get the most benefits. Therefore, companies also benefit from AWS certification, don't they?

Key points

In short, AWS is the future of cloud technology. AWS is one of the well-known brands in the field of cloud service providers, and other brands include Azure and Google Cloud. Therefore, preparing for the upcoming market trend of cloud computing jobs seems to be a reasonable advantage. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to promising salary increases and opportunities to get more jobs.

In addition, AWS certification can ensure that professionals participate in the wider AWS community. AWS certification not only provides credentials for AWS professionals, but also brings them the opportunity to expand their professional network. In addition to these advantages, AWS can guarantee continuous learning and professional development to meet recertification requirements.

The most important point is that organizations can also get the most benefit from AWS certification. Enterprises can become AWS partners by hiring more AWS-certified employees.

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