Practitioners in the network security industry, if the corresponding professional certificate is in hand, will definitely be worth more. So, what are the authoritative professional certificates commonly used in the network security industry? What are the focus of these certificates? Let me explain to you one by one.

1. CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) certificate

Chinese is called information system security certification professional, which is certified by the International Information System Security Certification Organization (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortiurm, ISC2) organization and management. ISC2 began to promote the CISSP certification exam in 1992 and has been widely recognized internationally. ISC2 holds CISSP exams all over the world, and those who meet the qualifications of the exam will be awarded CISSP certification after passing the exam. CISSP also focuses on information security management.

CISSP certification is actually a series of certifications, including Registered Information System Security Specialist (CISSP), Registered Software Life Cycle Security Specialist (CSSLP), Registered Network Forensic Specialist (CCFPSM), Registered Information Security Licensed Specialist (CAP) ), registered system security officer (SSCP, medical information and privacy security officer (HCISPPSM), in addition to CISSP special enhanced certification: CISSP-ISSAP (information system security architecture expert), CISSP-ISSEP (information system security engineering expert), CISSP -ISSMP (Information System Security Management Expert), etc..

CISSP is complained about two main points, one is the English test questions, and the other is the test for 6 hours. There are 250 questions, and you get one on average. It takes a minute and a half to get one. It’s a shame that 50 of the 250 questions are not scored. What’s more, I don’t tell you which 50 it is.

CISSP training is not mandatory. You can take the test without training, as long as you are good enough. The test fee is about $600.

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Second, CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) certificate

This is a registered information system auditor certificate. Since 1978, the International Information System Auditing and Control Association (ISACA) has started to implement registration. At present, CISA certification has become a globally recognized standard. This certificate is mainly used for information system auditing Yes. In foreign countries, information system audits are very popular, and international companies need to conduct information system audits.

With this certificate, you are a professional expert in the fields of information system audit, control and security, and authentication. Yes. Your use is to carry out various reviews of an organization’s information system in accordance with globally recognized standards and guidelines to ensure that the organization’s information technology and business systems are fully controlled, monitored and evaluated.

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< p>3. CompTIA Security+

The name of this certificate is pretty awesome. It's called International Information Security Technology Expert. It's the same as CISP and CISSP, which focus on information security management. The difference is that Security+ starts from the technical field, and focuses more on information security technology and operation. As a third-party neutral certification, its certification organization is the famous American Computer Industry Association CompTIA, which is ranked as the top 10 hottest certifications in the international IT industry (the rest There are also CISSP, ITIL, etc.).

As a practice standard in the field of global information security, CompTIA Security+ covers the technology and operation of network security and risk management.

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