PMP certification is a globally recognized certification and one of the most popular project management certifications. Many multinational companies and software companies hope to obtain PMP certified project management candidates. The qualification criteria for PMP certification will include approximately five years of project management and delivery experience and 35 hours of project management education. This will ensure that PMP-certified professionals have the right skills to adapt to project-oriented modern workplace dynamics.

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Here are the top five tips for getting the PMP exam:1. Master the PMBOK guide

PMI will publish a project management knowledge system guide; otherwise, the guide will become the PMBOK guide. If you want to be proficient in the PMBOK guide, you think this is the single most crucial step in clearing the PMP exam. There will be many books on the market, but nothing can compensate for the official guide.

2. Plan and timetable

The study plan will serve as a roadmap for your preparation. Before sitting down and learning, you need to define your goals and plan how to achieve them. For most candidates, the exam will be overwhelming. If you don’t have a clear road map, it’s easy to get lost in the preparations and have no idea where you are going.

3. Please refer to another study guide

Although learning the PMBOK guide is considered a priority, it is not enough to pass the PMP exam. The reason is that PMBOK is not for exams. This guide provides the theoretical knowledge or facts behind the PMP certification process. However, it will never tell you how these processes will relate to each other and apply them in real life.

4. Solve many practice questions

The PMP exam questions are mainly based on scenarios. These situations can be very diverse. Therefore, just reading the theory will not help and guarantee that you can apply it in real cases. That is where the practice questions will help you. When you want to solve various problems, you will notice that the issues can be divided into specific categories. Some questions are straightforward and brief, while others are lengthy to a certain extent. Some items are also based on formulas, while others are also based on scenarios. You will also encounter ITTO questions, asking you questions about tools and techniques in project management.


5. Writing practice test

The extension of the above skills is to write a complete simulation test and solve the practice questions. If you only consider the PMP exam as a knowledge-based exam, you will fail. Yes, it does have a vast syllabus, and the problem will be complicated. However, never underestimate the stamina required to sit for 4 hours and answer 200 questions of different difficulty levels with equally relevant efficiency.

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