AWS Certifications would help you build up your credibility and confidence by authenticating your cloud expertise with an industry-recognized credential. For additional flexibility and convenience, you would now be able to commence your AWS Certification exams from the comfort of your home or any private space which has access to online proctoring. All you require is a reliable and stable internet connection, a webcam, and a quiet, secret place for commencing the exam.

When you would be taking an AWS Certification exam in a testing center, on-site staff would be assisting you with check-in, exam access on testing center computers, as well, as questions. With online exam proctoring, you would have the same exam with the same allotted time for the completion that you would have in a testing center, but on your computer. You would be able to communicate with a proctor who would be monitoring your exam remotely.

We always would recommend scheduling exams ahead of time so that you could ensure an appointment time that works well for your requirements. Online proctors would be available round the clock with options of around-the-clock appointment. However, in periods of high demand, your preferred appointment day, as well as time, might not be available right away.

If you’re wondering whether online proctoring is considered the right choice for your next exam, we would like to solve some of the queries you have regarding the same:

Who can utilize online proctoring?

To take an exam with online proctoring, you should be able to converse with an English-speaking proctor who will greet you and monitor your testing environment. You could take the exam in numerous language options like English, Japanese, Korean, or Simplified Chinese, but make sure that the proctor’s communication is to be done in English only. Online proctoring isn’t available for candidates dwelling in mainland China, Slovenia, Japan, or South Korea. Otherwise, the option is considered to be accessible across the world where testing is available.


How can I be sure my computer and workspace are set up for online proctoring?

Online proctored exams will have specific system policies and requirements you are required to be aware of before going for this option. Run the system test on the same computer and network and in the same location you would be planning to use for the exam as a first step when considering online proctoring. Your workspace will have to be a private, quiet place where you wouldn’t be interrupted.

Can I take a break during an online proctored exam?

During your online proctored exam, you wouldn’t be able to get up from your computer and go out of the webcam view. If you would be anticipating and the requirement for leaving the webcam view for any reason during your exam, it is recommended for you to schedule the exam in a testing center.

How do I schedule my exam?

You would be able to schedule your exam from your AWS Certification Account. Online proctoring would be only available for AWS Certification exams when you would be scheduling with their testing vendor, Pearson VUE. Select schedule with Pearson VUE and then go for the “At my home or office” option. Due to high demand, your first choice for a testing time might not be accessible. It is encouraged for you to schedule ahead of time, and if your desired appointment time wouldn’t be available, check again in a few days as availability might change.

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