Become a white hat, some white hat hackers used to be black hat hackers, they become more ethical when they mature; others are caught, and then decided to take the path of ethical hacking, without the threat of prosecution Pursue your own interests.
Undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science, information security or mathematics are a good background for white hat hackers, although a genuine interest and passion for security is the greatest asset.
Those who wish to become white hat hackers can also make good use of the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) or GIAC Security Administrator certification in the EC-Council, including GIAC Security Essentials certification, GIAC Penetration Tester, GIAC Exploit Researcher and GIAC And so on certification. Advanced penetration tester.
The background or certification of computer forensics can also be used for ethical hackers.
Famous white hat hackers
There are many famous white hat hackers in the industry.
Marc Maiffret is known for exposing vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, such as the Code Red worm, since he was a teenager. Later he went on to co-found a software security company and eventually became the chief technology officer of the security company BeyondTrust.
Kevin Mitnick is another famous white hat hacker. Mitnick was previously known as the most wanted cybercriminal in the United States. He was arrested in 1995 and sentenced to five years in prison for hackers. According to the law, Mitnick became a white hat hacker and now runs a security consulting company.
Tsutomu Shimomura is a white hat hacker responsible for the final capture of Mitnick. As a computer scientist and physicist, Shimomura worked for the National Security Agency, where he assisted the FBI in promoting Mitnick.

Robert "RSnake" Hansen is also a well-known white hat hacker who co-created the term clickjacking. He is now the Chief Information Security Officer of OutsideIntel.

Similarly, Dan Kaminsky became famous when he discovered a critical DNS design flaw. He later became the chief scientist of the security company White Ops.

Other big names in white hat hackers include Jeff Moss, who founded the Black Hat and DEFCON Security Conference; Dr. Charlie Miller, who invaded the National Security Agency for five years; and Apple Co-founder History Steve Wozniak.

Legal issues of white hat hackers

The difference between white hat and black hat comes down to permission and intent. Without the permission of the company, White Hat would not compromise the system to test its defenses, and he disclosed the vulnerabilities responsibly. Black hat has neither permission nor good intentions, and unless there is financial or legal incentives, he usually does not disclose vulnerabilities responsibly.

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