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Which two characteristics of messenger protocols make data exfiltration challenging to detect and prevent? (Choose two.)

A.   Malware infects the messenger application on the user endpoint to send company data.

B.   Outgoing traffic is allowed so users can communicate with outside organizations.

C.   An exposed API for the messaging platform is used to send large amounts of data.

D.   Traffic is encrypted, which prevents visibility on firewalls and IPS systems.

E.   Messenger applications cannot be segmented with standard network controls.

Answer: BE


How many interfaces per bridge group does an ASA bridge group deployment support?

A.   up to 16

B.   up to 8

C.   up to 4

D.   up to 2

Answer: B


Which telemetry data capture variations seen within the flow, such as the packets TTL, IP/TCP flags, and payload length?

A.   process details variation

B.   flow insight variation

C.   interpacket variation

D.   software package variation

Answer: C 


In which two ways does a system administrator send web traffic transparently to the Web Security Appliance? (Choose two.)

A.   configure policy-based routing on the network infrastructure

B.   reference a Proxy Auto-Config file

C.   use Web Cache Communication Protocol

D.   configure the proxy IP address in the web-browser settings

E.   configure Active Directory Group Policies to push proxy settings

Answer: BC 


Which two tasks allow NetFlow on a Cisco ASA 5500 Series firewall? (Choose two.)

A.   Create an ACL to allow UDP traffic on port 9996.

B.   Enable NetFlow Version 9.

C.   Create a class map to match interesting traffic.

D.   Apply NetFlow Exporter to the outside interface in the inbound direction.

E.   Define a NetFlow collector by using the flow-export command.

Answer: DE

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A mall provides security services to customers with a shared appliance. The mall wants separation of management on the shared appliance. Which ASA deployment mode meets these needs?

A.   multiple context mode

B.   transparent mode

C.   routed mode

D.   multiple zone mode

 Answer: A


Which two risks is a company vulnerable to if it does not have a well-established patching solution for endpoints? (Choose two.)

A.   eavesdropping

B.   denial-of-service attacks

C.   ARP spoofing

D.   malware

E.   exploits

Answer: CD


Which threat involves software being used to gain unauthorized access to a computer system?

A.   ping of death

B.   NTP amplification

C.   HTTP flood

D.   virus

Answer: D 



What are the two rootkit types? (Choose two.)

A.   registry

B.   bootloader

C.   buffer mode

D.   user mode

E.   virtual

Answer: CD


Which protocol provides the most robust throughput performance when using Cisco AnyConnect VPN?

A.   TLSv1.2

B.   BJTLSvl

C.   TLSv1.1

D.   DTLSv1

Answer: B

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