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Which two statements regarding ACI Multi-Site are true? (Choose two.)

A.The Multi-Site orchestrator must be directly attached to one ACI leaf.
B.Routers in the Inter-Site network must run OSPF, DHCP relay, and MP-BGP.
C.ACI Multi-Site is a solution that supports a dedicated APIC cluster per site.
D.ACI Multi-Site is a solution that allows one APIC cluster to manage multiple ACI sites.
E.The Inter-Site network routers should run OSPF to establish peering with the spines.

Correct Answer: CE

An ACI administrator notices a change in the behavior of the fabric. Which action must be taken to determine if a human intervention introduced the change?

A.Inspect event records in the APIC UI to see all actions performed by users.
B.Inspect /var/log/audit_messages on the APIC to see a record of all user actions.
C.Inspect audit logs in the APIC UI to see all user events.
D.Inspect the output of show command history in the APIC CLI.

Correct Answer: A

What does a bridge domain represent?

A.Layer 3 cloud
B.Layer 2 forwarding construct
D.physical domain

Correct Answer: B

An engineer is extending an EPG out of the ACI fabric using static path binding. Which statement describes the endpoints?

A.Endpoints must connect directly to the ACI leaf port.
B.External endpoints are in a different bridge domain than the endpoints in the fabric.
C.Endpoint learning encompasses the MAC address only.
D.External endpoints are in the same EPG as the directly attached endpoints.

Correct Answer: C

Which components must be configured for the BGP Route Reflector policy to take effect?

A.spine fabric interface overrides and profiles
B.access policies and profiles
C.pod policy groups and profiles
D.leaf fabric interface overrides and profiles

Correct Answer: C


An engineer is implementing a connection that represents an external bridged network. Which two configurations are used? (Choose two.)

A.Layer 2 remote fabric
B.Layer 2 outside
C.Layers 2 internal
D.Static path binding
E.VXLAN outside

Correct Answer: BD

A Solutions Architect is asked to design two data centers based on Cisco ACI technology that can extend L2/L3, VXLAN, and network policy across locations. ACI Multi-Pod has been selected. Which two requirements must be considered in this design? (Choose two.)

A.ACI underlay protocols, i.e. COOP, IS-IS, and MP-BGP, spans across pods. Create QoS policies to make sure those protocols have higher priority.
B.A single APIC Cluster is required in a Multi-Pod design. It is important to place the APIC Controllers in different locations in order to maximize redundancy and reliability.
C.ACI Multi-Pod requires an IP Network supporting PIM-Bidir.
D.ACI Multi-Pod does not support Firewall Clusters across Pods. Firewall Clusters should always be local.
E.Multi-Pod requires multiple APIC Controller Clusters, one per pod. Make sure those clusters can communicate with each other through a highly available connection.

Correct Answer: BC

On which two interface types should a user configure storm control to protect against broadcast traffic? (Choose two.)
A.APIC facing interfaces
B.port channel on a single leaf switch
C.all interfaces on the leaf switches in the fabric
D.endpoint-facing trunk interface
E.fabric uplink interfaces on the leaf switches

Correct Answer: BD

When creating a subnet within a bridge domain, which configuration option is used to specify the network visibility of the subnet?

A.limit IP learning to subnet
C.gateway IP
D.subnet control

Correct Answer: C
Which two types of interfaces are supported on border leaf switches to connect to an external router? (Choose two.)

A.subinterface with VXLAN tagging
B.subinterface with 802.1Q tagging
C.FEX host interface
D.out of band interface

Correct Answer: BE

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