Take CompTIA Security+ 501 or SY0 601?

As technology changes with each passing day, exams will also be updated to conform to the trend of the times, just like the iPhone has new devices every year. CompTIA stipulates that when a version is launched on the market, it usually will let him withdraw from the stage of history after three years. 501 was launched in 2017 and officially announced its retirement on July 31, 2021. Registration is not accepted. At the same time, his successor is 601. However, CompTIA will launch the successor to the market early to warm up, so the 601 test will be available in November 2020.

When I signed up, I hesitated a little bit whether I wanted to apply for the latest 601 or the mature 501. Because the version is different, the content involved is also different. In summary, 601 will involve cloud, mobile devices (mobile) and the Internet of Things (IoT) on the basis of 501, and eliminate some of the technologies in 501 that are popular but are no longer used.

For details, please refer to the following official statement:

I finally chose the English version of 501. Although there were many reading comprehension problems in the process, because of work, Still need to overcome this language barrier. In addition, I didn’t choose the new 601 because I checked too few existing questions on the Internet. For me, a question-based contestant, if I didn’t do hundreds of questions before going to the exam, I would feel that I didn’t prepare. Full, lack of confidence.

Registration for the exam is a bit circumstantial

The next step is to register. It is said that the books are not readable by borrowing, so you will not start preparing wholeheartedly if you don't pay for the exam and set the time. No Deadline is the most terrible thing, because I always feel that I have time and I must be ready to register for the exam. Realizing that I was procrastinating for a few months, in October 20th, I resolutely clicked on the CompTIA official website to register.

The steps for me to register for the exam are a bit detour. I bought voucher from CompTIA's official website and then went to PearsonVue to arrange the exam. You can register for PearsonVue directly, arrange the exam and then pay. The advantage of buying voucher on the official website is that there are some different combinations to choose from, such as training courses, mock questions, e-books, and retests. If you just want to quickly schedule the exam, you can skip 1 and go to 2. Go to PearsonVUE to schedule the exam.

1. Go to CompTIA official website to buy voucher

First, I go to the CompTIA official website of the region where I am testing to buy test coupons: Take Australia as an example, enter as Index-CompTIA Marketplace Registration-Login

Then, select Certification Vouchers- and check Security+, you will see that there are currently two versions of Security+ available Choose, the price is the same:

Next, enter the version you need to test, take SY0 501 as an example, click Details:

You will see that there are different combinations to choose from. The included products are different, and you can see the specific information of each bundle when you scroll down. Here I simply and rudely chose the first one, because I think I should be able to pass it once without Retake.

Then add to shopping cart-payment. Remember, you must not forget to fill in the children's shoes with a discount code, there is a 10% discount. I will talk about how to get the discount code later!

After the payment is successful, you will receive an email stating that you have successfully purchased this voucher, and then you will be given the voucher code via another email. So the question is, I just bought a voucher for so long, when and where should I take the exam? How do I book the exam?

Because many of these certificate exams are outsourced, they usually go to the Pearson VUE Test Center to take these exams. So, if you check your purchase record at this time, you will see that you have successfully purchased Security+, but you need to go to another place to arrange your exam.

Find your historical order, your voncher information will be displayed on it, and the next step is to go to Pearson to determine the test time and place.

2. Go to PearsonVUE to schedule an exam

If you have an account, for example, if you have taken a Cisco certificate in Pearson trainee before, you can use the account directly Login: Pearson VUE-CompTIA Testing

You need to register if you haven’t taken the Pearson test before: CompTIA Testing-Create a Web Account: Step 1

(Note, Pearson’s English language The PTE account for the exam is separate from this one, so it cannot be used in common.)

Go to the homepage of Pearson CompTIA

Then choose Exam: Security+

Currently many There are two options for taking the test: going to the Test Centre and taking the test at home. However, I have heard that there are too many reasons such as personal computer failure, network problems, system problems, etc., so I am not afraid of trouble and choose to go to the test center. Of course, this varies from person to person. If there is no test center near your home and you don't want to spend time on the journey, the best solution is definitely to choose to take the test at home.

Currently 501 also supports Chinese, but the latest 601 does not yet support it. Because of my work, I chose English.

Then confirm the test interface, make sure you choose the one you want to test, and then the price will also be displayed.

Next is to find a nearby test center:

Choose the date and time you think is ideal:

Finally is to pay the money, here is to enter a voucher code.

Because you have already paid the money on CompTIA's official website, you only need to fill in the voucher code you just received from CompTIA's official website to place an order successfully! Then Pearson will also email you the test center and the date and time.

Exam preparation materials

This PDF document condenses you the important knowledge points involved in the entire exam in 13 pages. You can go to verify when you don’t understand when you are writing the questions. , To help consolidate knowledge points and quickly browse memory before the exam in the process of preparing for the exam. My feeling is that every word may be a test point.

But the Last Minute Review I bought at the time was not very complete, and I felt that some knowledge points were missing, so I also added a lot of things, which is equivalent to a complete and unified organization.

At the same time, the most important thing is to use the existing question bank. There are many question bank sites for various certificates on the Internet, all of which charge for a fee. I mainly use ITCertDumps, which is partly free, that is, there are some topics you can read, but some topics require paying members to read.

But it should be noted that the answers to these questions are not necessarily correct, and sometimes you need to consider it yourself.

The day of the test

My test was at 1:30 in the afternoon, so I first went through the high-frequency wrong questions I sorted out in the morning, and then took an hour to review the Last Minute Review. I looked at the document carefully from beginning to end, and finally consolidated the key knowledge and test points, and then proceeded with confidence.

After logging in to the exam system, there are exam instructions, an introduction to the operation interface, and so on. If you are nervous now, you can read these instructions slowly and calm down, because this time is not included in the test time. It is recommended that you take a closer look at how to operate, to avoid losing the points you should have received due to improper operations.

Because this test allows you to go back and check again, the more user-friendly process is to go through 90 questions first, and then check again. In the first pass, complete the simple questions to ensure the accuracy. If you encounter a more difficult question, mark it first if you are not sure, and then take the time to come back and look at it. Because the machine produces questions, it is very likely that the difficult questions will be found in the first 20 questions. If you spend too much time in the front, then the simple questions that are easy to get points will also be lost. However, in my personal experience, there is enough time. You can do it carefully and carefully, and then perform a second inspection, especially for those questions that you have marked uncertain. You can always see the countdown of time in the upper right corner of the exam interface. Click Submit when finished.

After submitting, the system will start calculating your score in the background. But at this time, it will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, about 10 questions, that is, where you learned about the exam, year of employment, occupation and so on. After answering these questions, you will see the last interface: your final score on the exam, and at the same time telling you whether you passed or not. When I saw Pass, I didn’t know how excited I was, but because I was still in the examination room, I quickly suppressed the excitement~

Out of the examination room, the invigilator will ask you to sign out and give it to you A printed result, with your test subjects and scores on it. Seeing this piece of paper, I let out a long sigh of relief, confirming that the results I just watched on the computer were not dazzled by myself, LoL!

This is just a transcript, not a certificate. It just tells you how to score and what you need to improve. At the same time, instructions on how to apply for a paper certificate, download an electronic certificate, and obtain a medal are also attached. Then I updated the certificate to LinkedIn immediately without saying a word.

The above, from preparing for the exam to getting the Security+ certificate, it took about two months of intensive preparation. This is a simple exam for me, but it is actually very energy-consuming. Hope that helps.

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy CompTIA SY0 601 Dumps, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.


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