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As said, you would be able to find the PMI Eligibility ID in the email sent to you by PMI. This PMI Eligibility ID is considered to be also recorded on the myPMI section of the PMI website in case you would have lost access to the email.

Ensure that you have kept this PMI Eligibility ID in a safe place as it would be enabling to book PMP exam session online without paying further, and you would have already paid the PMP Certification fee to PMI. One strange thing is that you might not be able to find the URL for booking for the PMP exam in the PMI email. The Pearson VUE URL would be buried deep inside the Exam Scheduling Instructions PDF file.

On the Pearson VUE website, you would be able to search for an exam center with seats available or available online proctored exam timeslots based on your preferred time and date. If you would be like to take the exam in a center, try to learn the transportation arrangement to the exam center before choosing one.

If you would like for taking the exam online, do check if you would have the required equipment and if you are indeed considered to be eligible as you should know that candidates from Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Mainland China, North Korea, Japan, South Korea as well as Slovenia are currently not allowed for taking an online PMP Exam.

Schedule an Appointment is utilized on the website to mean scheduling your section of the PMP exam. Following the on-screen instructions. You would require having your PMI Eligibility ID and the first four letters of your last name for verifying your eligibility status.

After you would have selected and confirmed a suitable exam slot, you would be presented with the examination confirmation details. There would be no need for copying this as you would also be receiving this in email.

It is considered to be advisable, though not required, for printing out the exam confirmation information for your PMP exam as well as bring it to the exam center if you would like to take the exam in exam centers.


Rescheduling the PMP Exam:

Changes are sometimes inevitable. In case you would be required to reschedule your confirmed PMP Certification exam session, you would do it as soon as possible. You would be allowed to reschedule your exam date up to 2 days before your actual exam, fees for applying if it is within 30 days of the scheduled booking. You would be just required to go to the Pearson VUE website for carrying out an appropriate action.

The PMP exam reschedule fee would be arranged as follows:

1.Beyond 30 days, which doesn’t include the PMP exam date: free of charge
2.Within 30 days as well as two days before the exam, which doesn’t include the exam date: US$70
3.Within 2 days: There’s going to be no refund, all fees forfeited, you would be having to pay the re-exam fee in full for scheduling another exam session

There would be exceptions to the above fee schedule, and it might get waived, for instance, in case of the COVID-19 outbreak. Now that you have acquired the knowledge regarding scheduling the PMP Certification Exam, you must be willing to obtain success in the first attempt. I would recommend you to check out our PMP Certification Exam Dumps to receive sure-shot success.

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