Big guy, as the certificates under the PMI Association became popular, many people have learned about PMP/AVP/PGMP/NPDP and so on!

So which certificate is better for ACP or PMP?

PMI-ACP means agile project management professionals in Chinese, and generally refers to the PMI-ACP certification exam, which is what we often call the PMI-ACP exam.

After years of investigation, PMI has found that many project requirements are constantly changing. Teams with less than 10 members apply the previous "plan first and then do things" thinking, and the project simply cannot be pushed. Therefore, PMI advocates the use of agile (Agile) methods to manage projects that are full of changes, and since 2011 officially launched the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification, so that project managers can have the ability to respond quickly.

The PMI-ACP certificate recognizes the knowledge that the certificate holder has for the principles, practices, tools and skills of different agile methods, and does not limit practitioners to a certain agile method. Unlike other agile certifications based only on exams or training, PMI-ACP requires applicants to participate in a variety of agile trainings, have a wealth of agile project work experience, general project work experience, and pass the exam. PMI-ACP is globally recognized and is applicable to any industry, including those engaged in or not engaged in Internet technology (IT) and software development or maintenance.

Compared to PMP, ACP is more suitable for traditional projects. If you are new to projects in the initial stage, it is recommended to choose PMP. From the perspective of project management capacity growth, ACP is a good way to choose. Many units are now implementing agile, and the domestic certification system of the PMI organization is still very recognized.

At the time I applied for the exam, my understanding of agile only stayed at "this is a super fast iteration" pure layman Level.

Compared to PMP, ACP has a lot of books. There were 12 reference books given by my institution at that time. In the introduction of an agile concept, these books need to be sorted out by myself before they can be clearly presented in my mind.

The tools and techniques of ACP, he will require you to master them in the process of teaching, but in my opinion, they are not proficient, but more of a state of being led by a master. So it will take time to make better use.

More importantly, agile will focus on team management methods and soft skills communication. The meaning of this sentence is that it depends on traditional project management. APC is more focused on the cooperation between people, and It is developing, and pay more attention to the ability of each team member to win each other, and will control the number of people, a bit like a barrel effect. It is a bit bad to lack individuals and multiple people. In work and projects, you can choose a plan better and faster, and make responses and actions to the plan more agile, like a cavalryman, like a blitzkrieg. Make reasonable adjustments to future customer needs and product needs.

Speaking of this, you should probably understand that for ACP, it is a scalpel, changing the complicated project management methods to quickly and accurately update the required products and solutions. But in terms of large domestic enterprises, this step still needs to be improved. Everyone knows this. Although the powers on the surface have been delegated, there is still not much authority to transfer, including project bonus settings. So this is still a big problem. I won't say more here.

In the learning process, I will talk about various agile strategies such as SCRUM, Lean, Kanban, Test Driven Development, and Function Driven Development.

In the process of learning, you can read and watch many uncommon agile implementations, which makes our knowledge more broad. It is very recommended that the landlord take the test. If you have the ability and time, you can take both.

You can join the project management thousand-person exchange community below:

In particular, I will introduce some:

Requirements for PMI-ACP certification:

The specific requirements are as follows:

1 Educational background:Secondary degree (high school diploma, junior college degree, global equivalent and above)

2, general project experience: must be five before the date of application Worked in the project team for 2000 hours (12 months) during the year.

3. Agile project experience: You need to work in the project team using agile methods in the first three years from the date of application 1500 hours (8 months), these working hours are beyond the 2000 hours required by ordinary project experience.

4. Agile practice training:21 hours of training must be obtained in agile practice

PMI-ACP exam question type: b>

PMI-ACP certification exam question type:Multiple choice questions

PMI-ACP certification exam question volume: There are 120 multiple-choice questions. Among them, 20 are preparatory questions. The preliminary test questions do not affect the candidates' scores and are randomly distributed in the whole set of test questions.

PMI-ACP certification exam content: 50% of the test sites are agile tools and techniques, and the other 50% are agile knowledge and skills.

Whether it is at the time of registration or the place of the exam, it is exactly the same as PMP. The difference is that in the enterprise leveling work, Agile is more practical than PMP. It is best to choose according to your own working environment or the company you are about to apply for, rather than making a blind choice.

ACP and PMP are both under the PMI system
Generally, PMP first, then ACP
PMP is more a project management framework,
ACP will focus on agile development management

PMP’s recognition, popularity, and higher

After taking the PMP test, you are a project management master, and you can organize the company’s project team to implement each Kind of projects, fight big battles, fight hard battles.

After taking the ACP, you are different. You can organize a blitzkrieg. The blitzkrieg is characterized by fast speed and many changes, which is especially suitable for project management with changing demands today.

There is no such a rich question bank as PMP.
Because ACP has only been promoted in China for a few years, not more than PMP for eighteen years.
There will be chapter exercises later
But overall ACP is much easier than PMP

Especially for students who have passed the PMP test, and then ACP test, they can basically study hard and pass

If I still don't understand, you can listen to this audio at station B. There is a detailed classification, explaining why it is needed.

1. Increase project management capabilities and prove your knowledge and skills. Continuously improving one's abilities is not only a process of exerting one's light and heat, but also a process of giving oneself the best proof of ability.

2. The certificate covers a variety of agile methods, rather than simply restricting practitioners to one agile strategy. In the study of PMI-ACP, a variety of agile methods were explained in all aspects, and actual case analysis was carried out to help us integrate the knowledge and skills we need in our work and apply them reasonably.

3. It provides the possibility of career transformation for practitioners. The learning content and scope of agile ACP include not only theoretical knowledge but also case analysis and practical application. The learning process is a process of developing your thinking and abilities, which opens another door for your future career planning.

4. The Internet industry has more room for appreciation and salary increase. The Internet industry is a rapidly developing industry. The introduction and demand of excellent talents are constantly increasing. The birth and application of agile ideas are constantly spreading across the entire Internet market; just like any enterprise, there is every ACP certificate holder. A subsidy of 600 yuan per month for senior talents; it is also a passport for human resources to introduce talents.

5. Obtain agile certification, become the passport of the Internet industry, and a symbol of agile status. PMI-ACP requires applicants to participate in a variety of training and examinations, and have practical experience in agile teams, and perform Extreme Programming (XP), pair programming, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Test Driven Development, etc. throughout the learning process Content learning, and requires the ability to propose the best agile strategy recommendations suitable for a specific situation, and conduct a full range of agile learning training for the applicant.

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy PMI ACP Dumps PDF, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.


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