A certificate in PMP or Project Management Professional is significant for people within the field of project management. Aside from getting a better salary, the certificate can bring global recognition, better job opportunities, and career advancement. Awarded by the PMI or Project Management Institute in the United States, certified PMAs can find employment globally. One has to comply with some requirements before taking the PMP test, such as years of experience and the size of the projects he has led. The exam for PMP is considered one of the most stringent certification tests. However, with proper preparation, getting a passing score isn’t impossible. For a sure way to pass the test, get the our PMP study materials.

The PMP Exam Pattern

The PMP test is composed of 200 multiple-choice items. Of the 200, 25 items are not scored to pass the exam. A test-taker must get a score of 175. The test items cover five domains in project management, each with a corresponding percentage as follows:
Initiation – 13%
Planning – 24%
Monitoring and Controlling-25%

Looking at the distribution of the PMP test coverage, one can expect more test items in Executing than the number of test items under each of the other domains. What makes the test difficult is that the test questions are situational so that finding the best answer can be confusing.

Download 2021 Free & Newest PMP Practice Tests from ourThe PMP Exam Rate

In the past, the PMI officially announces the passing rate. It started with an 81% passing rate in July of 2005 and 61% in December of 2005 until 2006. In 2007, the passing grade was described using a proficiency level. Today, the scoring still depends on the difficulty of the test questions. Easy questions are given lower scores than the difficult ones. If an examinee happens to take a test where all the test items are comfortable, he must answer more items to pass; when he happens to get a test with difficult questions, he might not answer some but still get a passing rate. To make sure that you pass the PMP test, get the our PMP dumps.


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