PMP certification is believed to be the most recognized professional certification for the project management profession across the globe. Many employers would be seeking PMP certification in project management positions when they would be hiring. Also, they seek PMP certification as a prerequisite for their present employees when they would be promoting their employees for the project management positions. Based on a recent survey, PMP certification holders would be able to dominate about 14% higher income than their uncertified counterparts.

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You might be wondering why there would be the requirements for PMP certification. There are going to be two fundamental reasons for this. The first main reason is that project management is a severe profession that will require communication with several stakeholders across the project. While delivering a scope of work, project managers are required to be very careful about communication, attitude, and managing the expectations of different people. Otherwise, project delivery might end up in failure. Therefore, having substantial project management experience is considered one of the requirements for PMP certification.

The second main reason for having PMP requirements would be that project management necessitates solid theoretical knowledge of project management techniques. There will be about ten knowledge areas that a project manager would require to pass the PMP certification exam. These knowledge areas would be tested in about five different project management process groups. To clear the PMP certification exam, a PMP candidate would be required to score above a certain level from these project management process groups.


Because of these two reasons, requirements for the PMP exam would be including PMP experience requirements as well as PMP education requirements. PMP experience requirement would show that the PMP candidates possess enough soft skills for sitting for the PMP exam. PMP education requirement would demonstrate that the PMP candidate has acquired adequate theoretical background for managing a project.

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PMP Exam Updated on 2 Jan 2021–Hurry to Get PMP Certified before Change!ELIGIBILITY
The eligibility criteria would be grouped under two categories:For Graduates:

• Graduates will require about 4500 hours or Three (3) years of unique and non-overlapping Project Management Experience within the past eight-year period before applying for the same.
• Non-Overlapping means that if the PMP aspirant would manage multiple projects within a stipulated duration, the experience of only one of those various projects is going to be counted.
• During the process of the PMP Application, the participant is required to document his or her work experience of a minimum of about 36 Months across the typical Life Cycle of Project Management, which consist of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, Close Out
• They also require 35 contact hours of Formal Project Management Education, which typically stands for Four Days Classroom or 40 Hours E-Learning Program.

For Diploma Holders:

• Diploma holders require about 7500 hours/Five (5) years of unique and non-overlapping Project Management Experience within the past eight-year period before you would apply for PMP.
• The requirements of the work experience herein would extend to 60 months instead of 36 months across the Project Management Life Cycle
• They will require 35 contact hours of Formal Project Management Education, which is considered shared for both categories.

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