PMP (Project Management Professional) and ACP (Agile Certified Practitioners) are the two certifications provided by PMI in two different areas. PMP is believed to be more towards traditional project management with an immense horizon, whereas ACP is considered to focus on agile. Even though these are two different dimensions, aspirants are often confused about which one to take amongst the two. Before we check out the differences, you must gain the our PMP Exam Dumps to obtain success in your very first attempt.

Get Special Discount-Have You Got PMI-PMP Promo Code to Save Exam Fee?Here are the key differences between the PMP and PMI-ACP Certification:

• Future Aspirations
One driver for any certification is considered to be the future aspirations as well as career goals. For instance, a team leader would be aspiring to become a Project Manager after a while and who would be willing to equip themselves for the same with certification. Similarly, developers wish to move towards the scrum master role. It is quite essential to determine whether you want to be a Project Manager or an Agile practitioner. Based on that first preference of the certification would be making sense. Don’t think that the Project Managers couldn’t go for agile and vice versa. Both are considered to be better, but preference would be evaluated as per the aspiration.

• Current Organization Needs
The current organization is considered the first preference to grow for anyone as you already have a good track record to show, and you have known people around who have seen your work. The organizations also have needs. Suppose your organization would be having required for qualified Project Managers. In that case, the preference will be given to PMP as PMP provides a full overview of all it takes to manage a project end to end. Still, on the contrary, if your organization would be having the agile environment and roles such as managers would either not there or getting reduced, you are required to go for ACP so that you could grow in elegant practitioners track.


• Mind-set changes
Traditional Project Management and the agile way of working are considered the mindset change from managing to leading or coaching. Choosing a path between two would depend on the organization’s mindset you are in or target to go in, the customer, and yourself. Few people would have a perspective that work couldn’t be executed without a central controlling body. In contrast, another set says more you give accountability and responsibility to individuals they perform better. Before you would be concluding a career path, it is considered essential for one to check his thought process towards one of these and accordingly take a call.

• Market Dynamics
The type of technological work you are into, if it calls for quick changes by your customers and asks you to be flexible, knowing agile would be able to help you out in more than the traditional way of working where change is not that easy to accommodate. If your project of a kind where the market is more or less stable and customer requirements is more or less defined, traditional working methods will suffice the needs. In that case, selecting PMP would help you gain yourself ready for your growth.

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