Cisco provides certifications that are honored highly and sought-after within the IT industry. Obtaining these certifications will allow IT professionals to utilize Cisco products and services to the largest capacity. Although there will be diverse levels of certifications one could opt for, CCNA and CCNP are believed to be the most preferred ones. Also, if you wish to obtain the same, you must gain the our CCNP Exam Dumps.

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CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification provides the professional for operating, troubleshooting, installing, and configuring networks. It is going to be focused primarily on areas like data centers, wireless, or cloud configuration. CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certification focuses on WAN and LAN and achieves this certification, allowing the IT professionals to plan, troubleshoot, and accomplish these networks.

Benefits of doing CCNP in 2021

There are going to be lots of advantages to doing CCNP certification, and some would be mentioned below:

Keeps you current with the network evolutionsYou can discover from your peersYou get an enormous range of career optionsYou get certified by the networking leadersYou get the full prospect for the best trainingYou get paid well.You get to stand out with your employers

Before 24th February 2021, CCNA was believed to be an essential requirement for acquiring the certification of CCNP. But after the changes made to the date made in the certification process and now applicants could directly apply for CCNP without even encompass a CCNA certification.


CCNP Enterprise would enable you to handle today’s professional-level job roles in networking technologies. CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Enterprise is believed to be alternatively named for former ‘Routing and Switching.’ It is believed to be the most demanded certifications in CCNP.

 CCNP enterprise is separated into two modules 

ENCOR or Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies

ENCOR is considered an exam that would be lasting for 120 minutes, obtaining the topics from six domains, i.e., architecture, infrastructure, automation, virtualization, network assurance, and security. ENCORE provides for multiple exams as CCNP Core, CCIE Infrastructure Lab, and CCIE Wireless Lab qualification exams. Each attempt for this exam would costs you about $400.

ENARSI or Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services

ENARSI is an exam lasting for 90 minutes covering the topics from four branches, i.e., VPN technologies, layer three technologies, infrastructure security, and infrastructure services. Each attempt for this exam would be able to costs $300.

For obtaining the CCNP Enterprise Certification, you would require to pass two exams

Core Enterprise Technologies ExamConcentration Exam

Why CCNP and not CCNA?

CCNA certification is believed to be an associate-level certification that helps the professionals test routing and switching fundamentals. CCNP certification is believed to be a professional-level certification that requires higher and more in-depth knowledge of LANs WANs and their work.

Talking about the career paths of these two certifications, CCNA would be able to you out in the entry-level jobs such as-

First and second line supportHelpdesk EngineerNetwork Support EngineerNetwork TechnicianService Desk technician

While the CCNP certification would be able to earn about the advanced level of jobs like

IT Team LeaderNetwork AnalystNetwork EngineerNetwork SpecialistSystems EngineerThird Line Support

Thus, you are going to require a CCNP certification would be able to help you out would be by obtaining the our CCNP Exam Dumps.

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