I took the 11G OCM exam in late December 2021 and received the exam pass email from ORACLE in mid-January 2022.

Thanks to my family for their support and dedication. Thanks to all the partners who prepared for the exam together, because everyone worked together, encouraged each other, and supported each other in order to persevere along the way.

Enrichment, fatigue, calmness, anxiety, and emptiness are the five stages of the OCM exam, which are the enrichment of what was learned during the training, the fatigue of practice before the test, the calmness during the test, and the expectation after the test. The anxiety of the results, the emptiness after the results come out.

It does not mean that other OCMERs think the same way. My personal perception of a relatively stupid person: The OCM test is about physical strength and willpower. In general, the test The difficulty is not too big, mainly because the topics are short and long, and you must do more experiments in order to become perfect. The calmness in the examination room comes from the huge effort of physical strength before the examination. At the beginning, I never did the experiment according to the simulated questions step by step, and brushed the questions over and over again, until finally I was able to advance 10-40 minutes before the examination time. Finish. From preparing for the exam to the completion of the exam, it lasted for 3 months. On average, I spent at least 4 hours a day doing experiments. The previously inconspicuous abdominal muscles transformed into clear six-piece specifications. I remember that when I swiped it for the sixth time, I felt nauseous when I saw the questions for a while, and completely lost interest in ORACLE. Especially on a weekend from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm, after finishing all 9 simulation questions, At that time, I felt that my physical strength was severely exhausted, and I couldn't hold on to 20 push-ups. Fortunately, there were a group of partners who were preparing for the test together. Everyone encouraged and supported each other, and they slowly persevered. In the process of looking forward to the test results, although I feel that the problem of passing is not a big problem, occasionally I still have inexplicable fear, if I fail, will I still have enough physical strength to take the next test. When the mobile phone beeps and sees the results, I don't get too excited. I close the email silently, pick up the bowl and continue to eat. After eating, I sit for a while, feeling a deep emptiness, and suddenly I don't know where my next goal is. where. Passing the OCM exam this time is not an achievement. It is just a remark of my DBA career for so many years. I have to go back to pick up my interest in ORACLE and retrieve those lost branches.

Simply talk about my experience from the training to the end of the exam

The practice process of the mock questions before the exam

Of course, even if a real master does not If you take the OCM exam after any preparation, the probability of passing is still very low, and preparing for the exam questions is a must. OCM exam mock questions can refer to a Spanish master's website http://www.dbajunior.com/ocm/, the knowledge points in it cover 85% of the content of the exam, and the topics in it and the personal experience exam questions are acquainted with 60% . After the end of the National Day in October 2017, I started to write the simulation questions. Because I was busy during the day, I practiced from 7:00 to 11:00 every night on weekdays, and basically practiced all day on weekends, 9 courses of practice, It took a month for the first time, half a month for the second time, a week for the third time, and the fourth time began to practice according to the prescribed time of the exam. It has been 12 months since the eighth time. The door questions can be completed 20-40 minutes ahead of the designated time. When the real exam is approaching, you will know the answer when you see the question. When your mind is still thinking about how to write this command, your hand has habitually typed on the keyboard. . Of course, this process is painful, just like I realized, it is difficult to achieve this state without sufficient physical strength and firm willpower.

The process of entering the examination room calmly The day before the examination, I wanted to relax, but I couldn't let it go, so I went to the examination room early to check the environment. The test starts at 9:00 in the morning. Basically, everyone arrives at the test room 15 minutes in advance. After the invigilator has explained the test instructions, and everyone has checked the mouse and keyboard, the invigilator begins to brush the questions. The official exam started at about 9:15. I was quite nervous at first, but when I opened the web page and finished the first question with reference to the questions on the web page, I was not nervous at all. There were 6 people in the examination room. The only thing I could hear during the whole examination was the crackling of the keyboard. I felt that everyone had a plan. , The data management of the third test was completed 40 minutes in advance, and after talking to the monitoring teacher, he ran out to rest. The process of the 9 exams went smoothly. Of course, I also encountered some problems during the exam. I encountered several problems that were unsuccessful. For example, there was a question about result_cache in the fifth _performance optimization. At that time, 3 questions were used. After using the following methods: alter table result_cache(mode force), alter session set result_cache_mode=auto, use prompt /*+ result_cache */ and execute the SQL statement, there is still no record in the v$result_cache_objects view. It took about 10 minutes. Just give up and continue to do the following questions. After 9 exams, I feel that the correct rate of 80% is still there. In general, there are no particularly difficult questions in the exam. 60% of the questions are also encountered in work scenarios. Basic work like DATAGUARD has been used very proficiently. The difficulty is mainly the fourth session_Data Warehouse , Session 5_Performance optimization has a lot of questions and a short time. It requires extremely high proficiency. The typing speed should be fast, otherwise the questions may not be completed.

Introduction to Exam Sequence and Time

First Day Morning

Database Management 130 minutes

First Day Afternoon

< p>40 minutes for backup and recovery

85 minutes for data management

110 minutes for data warehouse

the next morning

90 minutes for performance optimization

grid control 50 minutes

the next afternoon

Data guard 60 minutes

GI 60 minutes

RAC 50 minutes


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