PMP- Project Management Professional certification is considered to be quite crucial for project managers.

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As a cost-savvy project manager, equally important is the PMP Salary hike, which would be expected, or my ROI- Return on Investment. You could understand the PMP salary increase, the cost involved, benefits both tangible and intangible from PMP Certification.

You are a project manager in your organization, and you would have seen some of your friends who are certified with PMP, but you would also be willing to know the salary hike. But you would again be hearing from them the hardship they went through to be part of that would be an elite group of PMPs.

Naturally, as a project manager, you are required to follow your financial appraisal techniques before you would be selecting a project. After all, PMP certification is considered to be a project!

PMI Salary Survey

If you compare the salary of PMP Certified vs. non-PMP Certified, the difference is considered to be about 20%- a sizable amount. In the United States, if you would be looking at a median PMP salary, i.e., a PMP certified project manager’s salary- it would be about $111,000 against $91,000, which would be for a non-certified project manager.

This data is collected from the self-declared information of 26,000 project managers from across 34 countries. Below mentioned are the details of PMP Certified professionals’ median salary as per their industry and their government.

These would be the figures from the ninth edition of Earning Power – salary survey from PMI. As you could see, whichever country or industry you would belong to, the earning power or PMP salary is considered higher than what you would be gaining without a PMP certification.


If your next question is what you would be required for investing to gain this extra benefit, here would be your answer.

Training For a Higher Salary:

Project Management education is considered to be the prerequisite for PMP certification. You would be having options to choose from, such as live classrooms, PMP Boot Camp Online, and PMP online certification. Live classroom sessions could be for three, four, or five consecutive days or spread over two weekends.

Classroom sessions or boot camps focus on completing the tips & tricks, concepts within that duration, and it is considered to be generally very rigorous.

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