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Which feature is supported by EIGRP but is not supported by OSPF?

A. unequal-cost load balancing

B. route filtering

C. route summarization

D. equal-cost load balancing

Correct Answer: A


Which two GRE features are configured to prevent fragmentation? (Choose two)

A. TCP window size

B. DF bit clear


D. MTU ignore


Correct Answer: CE


What does Cisco DNA southbound APIs provide?

A. RESTful API interface for orchestrator communication

B. interface between the controller and the network devices

C. NETCONF API interface for orchestrator communication

D. interface between the controller and the consumer

Correct Answer: B


Which two steps are required for a complete Cisco DNA Center upgrade? (Choose two.)

A. application updates

B. proxy configuration

C. golden image selection

D. system update

E. automation backup

Correct Answer: AD


Which statement explains why Type 1 hypervisor is considered more efficient than Type 2 hypervisor?

A. Type 1 hypervisor runs directly on the host machine’s physical hardware without relying on the underlying OS.

B. Type 1 hypervisor enables other operating systems to run on it

C. Type 1 hypervisor is the only type of hypervisor that supports hardware acceleration techniques.

D. Type 1 hypervisor relies on the existing OS of the host machine to access CPU, memory, storage, and network resources.

Correct Answer: A


Which statement about Cisco Express Forwarding is true?

A. The CPU of a router becomes directly involved with packet-switching decisions.

B. It uses a fast cache that is maintained in a router data plane.

C. It maintains two tables in the data plane. The FIB and adjacency table.

D. It makes forwarding decisions by a process that is scheduled through the IOS scheduler

Correct Answer: C



What is the role of a fusion router in an SD-Access solution?

A. provides additional forwarding capacity to the fabric

B. acts as a DNS server

C. performs route leaking between user-defined virtual networks and shared services

D. provides connectivity to external networks

Correct Answer: C


What is the correct EBGP path attribute list, ordered from most preferred to least preferred, that the BGP best-path algorithm uses?

A. weight, local preference, AS path, MED

B. weight, AS path, local preference, MED

C. local preference, weight, AS path, MED

D. local preference, weight, MED, AS path

Correct Answer: A


A local router shows an EBGP neighbor in the Active state. Which statement is true about the local router?

A. The local router is receiving prefixes from the neighboring router and adding them in RIB-IN.

B. The local router has BGP passive mode configured for the neighboring router.

C. The local router has active prefixes in the forwarding table from the neighboring router.

D. The local router is attempting to open a TCP session with the neighboring router.

Correct Answer: D


A client with IP address must access a web server on port 80 at To allow this traffic, an engineer must add a statement to an access control list applied in the inbound direction on the port connecting to the webserver. Which statement allows this traffic?

A. permit tcp host eq 80 hosts

B. permit tcp host host eq 80

C. permit tcp host 209.165 200.225 It 80 host

D. permit tcp host host eq 80

Correct Answer: D

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