Project management would be essential for every other organization, no matter what the industry would be. Right from the financial bodies to hospitality, a Certified PMP professional would be appreciated because of the kind of knowledge they would bring to the table. Being certified with the PMP means that you have established your entrance into an ever-growing world by growing as an effective project manager here.

PMI would have confirmed that by the end of this year, i.e., 2021, there will be about 15.7 million new job opportunities, all thanks to $6.1 trillion growth in the industry. This is considered one of the most crucial reasons why many professionals would have lately taken up PMP certification. To a great extent keeping the present market demand for Project Managers, they already have been making an average annual salary of about $109,405.

What’s Next Once Certified in PMP?

A certified associate in project management, your knowledge is beginning from the day you would have been certified as PMP Professional. This would be because the level of challenges takes a diverse turn in your professional life. This is because not just do you gain better job opportunities and higher roles within the organization, but it even demands you to take up and satisfy a new challenge, which is known as the PDUs.

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are considered your professional credentials, which a certified PMP professional has to earn to maintain their PMP certification in the next three years. Getting the required PDUs is deemed to be part and parcel of being certified as a Project manager.

Learning never ends, and even after certification, A PMP certification would always be a stepping stone for you as far as your leanings would be concerned. Most importantly, if you would be planning to become an expert in the business of becoming a project manager, that couldn’t be happening until you keep getting your PDUs right along with perceptive learning in your industry.

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What would be the next thing you are required, along with PDUs, to hold onto PMP certification or even take up another upgrade?

• Maintaining the PDUs is considered the next step for you once you become a certified PMP professional. It is deemed imperative that you have maintained at least 60 PDUs by the end of 3 years from your certification.
• A certified associate in project management would also have an option for taking up scheduling the PMI-SP or Professional Course if any one of them would be looking for an opportunity to handle scheduling for your organization. A project management institute might be helpful for you in getting trained for this course. The most important thing about taking up courses such as this scheduling PMI-SP or Professional Course is that you must have at least 30 PDUs in hand to apply for such professional courses.
• You could also take up risk management only after you would have taken up PMP certification previously. Similarly, such as PMI-SP and scheduling Professional Course, it is considered very important for you to have 30 PDUs in hand take up such courses.

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