From February 24, 2021, the Cisco certification program has undergone tremendous changes. There are no longer multiple different CCNA exams and certifications – only a comprehensive exam is provided. The new exam code is 200-301 CCNA, whose full name is “Implementing and Administering Cisco Networking Technologies.” According to Cisco, the new exam covers a wide range of fundamental knowledge based on the latest technology, software development skills, and job responsibilities.”

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Under the old CCNA certification program, several concentrated examinations were conducted for different learning paths. However, according to the new rules, the following certificates have all been replaced by the new CCNA:

• CCNA Cloud

• CCNA cooperation

• CCNA Data Center

• CCNA Industry

• CCNA routing and switching

• CCNA security

• CCNA service provider

• CCNA wireless

• CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate)

Therefore, the CCNA level specialization is disappearing- now, you should choose the domain for the CCNP level.

Old CCNA certificate

The CCNA certification obtained under the old rules will remain valid until its expiration date. In February 2021, your current CCNA certification has been converted to an equivalent certificate in the new program. Therefore, if you have any CCNA certificate (such as CCNA Industrial certificate or CCNA routing and exchange certificate) before February 24, 2021, you will automatically get a new CCNA certificate.


CCENT has retired and will not apply to the new CCNA certification.

About the new exam

As a single exam, 200-301 contains about 120 questions. It covers a broad range of topics, including routing and switching, security, wireless networks, and even some programming concepts. Like other Cisco certifications, you can take it at any Pearson VUE certification center.

About the new course

The modules included in the new CCNA course are:

• Network basics – routers, switches, cables, TCP and UDP, IPv4 and IPv6

• IP connectivity – IP routing, OSPFv2

• IP services – NTP, DCHP, QoS, SNMP


• Security basics – VPN, wireless security, port security

• Network access-VLAN and trunk, EtherChannel

• Automation and programmability – REST API, Puppet, Chef, JSON, SDN

Deleted topics

The following topics have been removed from the CCNA course:

• Network basics-OSI model

• LAN switching – framework, VTP, switching stack

• Routing-EIGRP, RIPv2, OSPFv3, inter-VLAN routing

• WAN – PPP, MLPPP, PPPoE, GRE, BGP, and WAN access

Newly added topics

You can download new exam topics here. Added topics are shown in bold.

200-301 prerequisites

There are no formal requirements for taking the new exam. However, these are Cisco’s recommendations:

• Understand all exam topics

• One or more years of experience in computer networks and Cisco equipment

• Master network basics

Exam price

The cost of the 200-301 CCNA exam is $ 300.

About CCNP

When you decide to participate in the CCNP certification, your specialization will begin. The biggest news about the CCNP exam is that you no longer need to pass the CCNA exam to take the CCNP exam.

In conclusion

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