1. Reading books, I bought two copies of All in one, one at home and one at the work station. I thought I would look hard, seven or eight hundred pages! Watched intermittently for two or three months. There is also the eighth edition of OSG. I also watched it twice. The following conclusions are drawn:

1) All in one is much better than OSG, and many things are more detailed. It is a very good textbook, and it is very suitable for the initial review.

2) The first two chapters of All in one are really difficult. The perspective of security management is very high, but it is actually very obscure. It is even more difficult for many practitioners who have not had much contact with enterprise-level security. I spend most of my time in the front. It turns out that a large part of the exam is stuck in this part.

2) The quality of the exercises at the back of the OSG book is very high. Be sure to do more.

One month before the exam, I went crazy and brushed the questions, that is, I brushed the questions of Examclubs, and I brushed about 3000 questions in total.

Exam process:

The session at 8:00 in the morning, a total of 6 hours. The following is a summary:

1. Super exhaustion! It took a total of 5 hours and came out twice on the way, each time was limited to 10 minutes, to add sugar (chocolate) and moisture (coffee). The first time I was dizzy after completing 110 questions, so I raised my hand to signal to go out and take a break. The second time, after completing 250 questions, the dizziness came again, and I went out to rest again. I went back and did a complete inspection again. I really didn't have enough energy, so I handed in the paper and surrendered.

2. In the evening before the exam, in order to improve self-confidence, I did 250 questions. The accuracy rate was 84%. It only took less than two hours. Then came the next day, OMG! Each question has to be compared in Chinese and English, so it is very time-consuming and very brain-consuming, so it is much slower than usual to do the questions. The main reason is that many questions are usually done too quickly, which belong to the so-called "carelessness" type, so when the actual exam is done, it needs to be eliminated.

3. The exercise set given by Examclubs is more reliable. Of course, the most reliable is that All in one and the system behind OSG are closer to the feeling of exam questions.

4. CISSP pays more attention to the impact of new technologies such as cloud computing on the security industry, including the use of IDaaS in enterprise information security, and the use of VPNs. So when you take the exam, you should have a more correct mindset. You should feel completely acceptable when you see these questions. After all, the practice questions we have done are from years ago.

5. Exam 250 questions, the first time it takes more time, it is suitable for me. Because when I checked, I basically didn't make any changes, and the more I looked at it, the more correct it was, the more I analyzed it, the more I felt-really harmful! I understand such a difficult subject. Later, I thought about it carefully. In fact, I was physically exhausted and didn't want to toss about it anymore.

Summary after the exam:

I feel ashore! Then I feel so tired. Because I have to make up a CISA exam.

And I think it's worth it! At least give yourself a lot of confidence and feel that you can go further. To be honest, my review process was not painful at all, and I didn't really take the time like the head cantilever. But one month before the exam is really irritable, so take the exam early and relax.

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