I have been on CCNA for half a year, and CCNP for more than half a year. I became teachers and students with some students, and I also made friends. While imparting knowledge to others, I also gained some new understanding of routing and exchange and improved myself.

In March of this year, 2021- Between May, I spent close to 2 months. It took a lot of energy to prepare for my second CCIE certificate, the Cisco EI-CCIE exam, and spent a lot of nights.

Lab has practiced about 20 times anyway. There are often new TS troubleshooting at the beginning.

I wrote about dozens of pages in the exam notes

Of course. The result is not good. I didn't pass this exam. The exam cost is more than 10,000 yuan.

This shows one thing, there is not necessarily a reward for giving. But to some extent, it doesn’t matter.It’s mainly for understanding the questions and verifying the solution, but at the time I was aiming for the world’s No. 1 PASS dream to take the exam, although I didn’t realize it.

Although this exam failed for me, it is a very good journey. Cisco’s CCIE design questions are indeed more clever than Huawei’s HCIE, but Huawei’s HCIE The theory is indeed stronger than Cisco's CCIE. The two really have their own merits, but if I know a little bit about both of them like me, of course it will be better~

April is very busy, A TPLINK advanced certification is also prepared in the middle. Fortunately, both the exam and a national soft exam network engineer are relatively simple and passed at one time.

Success is always prepared for people who work hard. After failing, continue to come back to study the solution of the exam. Take some time.

July. I started the explanation of the EI-CCIE exam version for the first time. It was Saturday. I talked from 2pm to 2am. 12 full hours. It’s not too difficult to take the CCIE exam. Let’s teach the future CCIE to do a CCIE explanation. Isn’t it a very cool thing? Every CCIE wants to do this, right? 12 hours is very tiring and can help more people. I think it's worth it.

Finally in July, I helped other students to achieve the world's first PASS of EI-CCIE. A week ago, the first PASS of the Taipei Mobile Examination Center was achieved. Another buddy also achieved it in Beijing the day before yesterday. PASS. I have obtained my own CCIE certification, and I will continue to work hard in the future

When I was in my 20s. My dream used to be a CCIE, but the tuition fees at that time, my education at that time, young people think that people have the ability, whoever read these certificates, I was ignorant when I was young, and the CCIE back then was familiar with English, and I was scared before. . This is also a good thing. The threshold for the exam is relatively low.

Now that I am 36, my dream is no longer to become a CCIE. But to help more people become CCIE, although there are regrets. My own dream of EI-CCIE, the world's first PASS, has not been realized. It takes too much time and energy to prepare for an exam. There is still a lot to be busy this year. Maybe I'm going to work on other exams.

I am very happy that I have become a lecturer. I am not saying that this profession can bring me great material returns. After a year of work, others don't hate me much. It is enough to get the respect and thank you from the students.

I will record the year I have been a lecturer and the future is promising. Tomorrow will start a new round of CCNP.

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