1. What is MOS certification?
Answer: MOS is the abbreviation of Microsoft Office Specialist, the full name of MOS certification in Chinese is Microsoft Office Software International Certification.
MOS certification was launched to the world in 1997 by Microsoft and a third-party international certification agency Certiport (the world's three major IT testing and teaching research centers). Office software certification.
MOS certification is divided into three levels: Specialist, Expert and Master, and its certificate is valid for life.
MOS is the global certification with the lowest threshold so far.
2. How long is the validity period of the MOS certification?
Answer: The MOS certification is valid forever. There are no additional requirements such as "annual inspection", "how many credits per year", etc.
3. What are the subjects of the MOS certification exam?
Answer: The MOS certification exam is a practical test of Office software, so the version of the MOS certification exam and the version of the Office software are in one-to-one correspondence. With the iteration of the Office software, the MOS certification exam is also iterative, and the old version of the software will no longer accept the new exam certification. (However, the certificate obtained by passing the exam before is still valid.)
4. How difficult is the MOS certification exam?
Answer: Some people who come to take the MOS certification exam are full of confidence. I haven't taken the test; some are walking on thin ice and finally get 960+, and the individual differences are indeed very large. We recommend that even if you have extensive hands-on experience, some training is required.


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