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Cisco SIP IP telephony is implemented on two floors of your company. Afterward, users report intermittent voice issues in calls established between floors. All calls are established, and sometimes they work well, but sometimes there is oneway audio or no audio. You determine that there is a firewall between the floors, and the administrator reports that it is allowing SIP signaling and UDP ports from 20000 to 22000 bidirectionally. What are the two possible solutions? (Choose two.)

A.Go to the SIP profile assigned to these IP phones in Cisco Unified CM and change the range of media ports to 16384-32767
B.Ask the firewall administrator to change the ports to TCP.
C.Ask the firewall administrator to change the range of UDP ports to 16384-32767.
D.Go to the SIP profile assigned to these IP phones in Cisco Unified CM and change the range of media ports to 20000-22000.
E.Go to System Parameters in Cisco UCM and change the range of media ports to 20000-22000.

Correct Answer: CD

An administrator is troubleshooting call failures on an H.323 gateway via the CLI. To see signaling for media and call setup, which debug must the Administrator turn on? (Choose two.)

A.H.323 messages
B.H.225 asn1
C.H.246 asn 1
D.H.225 media
E.H.323 asn 1

Correct Answer: BC

When locations-based Call Admission Control denies the call, which two masks can AAR apply when routing the call through the PSTN? (Choose two.)

A.AAR destination mask
B.called party transform mask
C.external phone number mask
D. +E.164 alternate number mask
E. enterprise alternate number mask

Correct Answer: AC

When the services key is pressed Cisco Extension Mobility does not show up. What is the cause of the issue?

A.The URL configured for Cisco Extension Mobility is not correct.
B.Cisco Extension Mobility Service is not running.
C.The phone is not subscribed to the Cisco Extension Mobility Service.
D.Cisco Extension Mobility is not enabled in the Phone Configuration Window (Device > Phone)

Correct Answer: A


What are the two configuration features of the Standard Local Route Group deployment? (Choose two.) associated under the route group associated only under the route list
C.chooses the route group that is configured under the device pool of the calling-party device
D.chooses the route group that is configured under the device pool of the called-party device assigned directly to the route pattern

Correct Answer: BC

In Cisco UCM globalized call routing is implemented and must confirm that it is correctly implemented without making a call. Which tool do you use for verification?

A.Dialed Number Analyzer
B.Real-Time Monitoring Tool
C.SDI trace
D.SDL trace

Correct Answer: A

What is a description of RTP timestamps or sequence numbers?

A.The sequence number is used to detect losses.
B.Timestamps increase by the time “carrying” by a packet.
C.Sequence numbers increase by four for each RTP packet transmitted.
D.The timestamp is used to place the incoming audio and video packets in the correct timing order (playout delay compensation).

Correct Answer: D

When configuring hunt groups, where do you add the individual directory numbers that will be part of the group?

A.route group
B.line group
C.hunt list
D.hunt pilot

Correct Answer: B

Which configuration element of a hunt group allows for changing Calling Party Transformations settings?

A.line group
B.hunt pilot
C.route group
D.hunt list

Correct Answer: B

An engineer must configure a secure SIP trunk with a remote provider, with a specific requirement to use port 5065 for inbound and outbound traffic. Which two items must be configured to complete this configuration? (Choose two.)

A.Incoming Port in SIP Information section of the SIP Trunk configuration.
B.Incoming Port in Security Information of the SIP Profile configuration.
C.Destination Port in SIP Information section of the SIP Trunk configuration
D.Incoming Port in SIP Trunk Security Profile configuration
E.Destination Port in SIP Trunk Security Profile configuration

Correct Answer: CD

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