ISACA certifications are considered to be the vendor-neutral as well as job role-specific. They would be combining the execution of clearing an exam with credit for your work and specific educational expertise, giving you the reliability which you would require to move forward in your career. Certification demonstrates to employers that you would have what it takes to add value to their enterprise. Governmental agencies across the world recognize or require ISACA’s certifications.

Active industries would understand the value of employing top-notch information security specialists to manage the risks and costs associated with cyber-crime. 

Becoming ISACA certified is considered one of the best ways to demonstrate that you have possessed skills and knowledge for securing the modern enterprise against increasing threats. Many government agencies and organizations would also accept the ISACA certifications as benchmarks while selecting personnel who would have access to confidential data, unlocking the door for many public sector jobs.

ISACA Certifications Overview:

Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA: CISA certification is considered the gold-standard credential for Information Systems Auditors. CISA certified systems auditors are going to have the skills and expertise for manage vulnerabilities, auditing computer systems, institute security controls, and overseeing compliance at the enterprise level.

Certified Information Security Manager or CISM: CISM would be covering four critical domains in cybersecurity management, which are security governance, security program creation, risk management, and incidence response. CISM’s key differentiator would be its focus on the big picture, i.e., how to utilize information security for advancing essential business goals.

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT or CGEIT: CGEIT certifies that the candidate possesses expertise in the principles and real-world applications of enterprise IT governance. CGEIT certified professionals have the reliability to ensure good governance, which would reduce unforeseen security issues and formulate a rapid response to any surprises that still would be arising.


Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control or CRISC: CRISC certification demonstrates that the candidates possess IT and enterprise risk management skills. Calculating and mitigating risk is considered a coveted gift in enterprise IT; talented CRISC certified pros make essential contributions to the business and would be rewarded in kind.

Salaries of ISACA Certification Holder

ISACA certification owners are considered to be amongst the highest paid IT professionals. According to the IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge 2018, all ISACA credentials would be placed in the top twenty highest-paying certifications.

Here we have mentioned the average salary by ISACA certification in North America:

• Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA: $97117  

• Certified Information Security Manager or CISM: $105926

• Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control or CRISC: $107968

• Certification in the Governance of Enterprise IT or CGEIT: $117544

Benefits of ISACA Certification

• Earning ISACA certifications would be able to provide an excellent boost to your earning potential, and all four ISACA Certifications continuously are ranked among the top-paying security credentials.

• Internationally respected and trusted by front-line security analysts as well as executives alike.

• Becoming ISACA certified would demonstrate that you are dedicated to your career path of IT security.

• Tailored for today’s most sought-after cybersecurity competencies as well as job roles.

• Joining an active network of like-minded pros as well as leaders in the security area.

• ISACA certifications would be qualifying you for a diversity of coveted military as well as government security jobs.

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