The exam is scheduled at 9:00 in the morning. People are in good spirits, but the test center is a bit slow. It took almost 10 minutes to start the test, open the monitor, open the PSI website, and select the seat. I actually took the test. The computer test is already after 9 o'clock (does not affect the actual test), before boarding the machine, provide ID card, passport, credit card, etc. for identity confirmation, and keep electronic equipment in the cabinet. Having previous experience in the CISSP and CISA exams, I specially prepared a pair of earplugs. During the exam, the mouse sound or ambient sound in the exam room will affect my thinking and answering.

After entering the PSI test interface, first let you watch the video how to operate, after watching the next step is to answer the question directly, at this time the countdown starts in the upper right corner of the computer screen (starting from 240 minutes, preferably 15 minutes and There will be prompts in 5 minutes), and then enter the official test.


Compared with the real exam questions, every question in the exam looks so clear and the answers are so impeccable.

The easiest way to do this is to exclude the method, this method is very simple and very useful, after eliminating the wrong answer, basically there is only one option left, or two options, a little understanding The answer can be confirmed immediately. I can basically answer more than 100 questions using this method. Together with some of the previous memories, a total of about 120 questions can be answered. The rest has to be carefully thought out.

The second method is: the question stem analysis method, through the question stem analysis, I know the knowledge points to be tested. I only tried some questions simply because I There is no way to choose the correct answer directly by elimination method, but it does not matter, these questions can be marked first and then pondered after they are done.

After 2 hours and 50 minutes, all the questions were finished. After a few minutes of rest at the door, I went back to the examination room to check the questions. I read each question by linking the question and the answer. It is very smooth and reasonable, and it also reflects a certain knowledge point, so this question is 100% correct, so after I checked 150 questions, I submitted it with confidence (10 questions are required before the official news is released. Questionnaire that took up time), my heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and after the word "passed" appeared on the screen, I suppressed my excitement and found my aunt to close the exam.

The above is the sharing of the 5th CISM certification student Yan. You will receive an official notification by email in about 10 working days after passing the test. I wish friends who read this article to pass the test successfully. Get the certificate!

CISM is aimed at information security managers, and the focus is no longer on individual technologies or skills, but on the information security management of the entire enterprise. CISM is favored by industry leaders, such as Party A, industry TOP and other leading companies, listed companies, foreign joint ventures, Fortune 500 companies, financial securities and insurance industries, etc.

Issuing Authority: The International Information Systems Audit Association (ISACA) is a globally recognized leader in information technology governance, monitoring, security, and standards compliance. Founded in 1969, ISACA, in addition to sponsoring international conferences, publishes the ISACA Journal, develops auditing and monitoring standards for international information systems, and awards internationally recognized auditors of information systems that are widely accepted around the world. (CISA) and Internationally Recognized Information Security Manager (CISM) professional qualifications.


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