1. Network equipment manufacturers (vendors)

These companies have made a fortune with the development of the Internet, Cisco, Huawei, Nortel, Alcatel, Lucent, Juniper, Ericsson, extreme, foundry, intel, etc., these names gleam in front of us like gold, and each brand is invaluable. Of course, the CCIE is mainly based on Cisco, so Cisco will definitely not refuse. But will other companies accept it? Will do! There are three reasons. One is that the CCIE itself has a good technical background. The network technology is generally a standard technology, and each manufacturer is the same, and the configuration is similar! A good technician is easy to learn by analogy and easy to use; the second is that some manufacturers’ products are similar to Cisco’s, and these manufacturers often adopt a follow-up strategy; the third reason is that other companies generally also use CCIE To show up, The fourth Cisco as a leader in the network industry, Cisco has developed a lot of network-related protocols, and Cicso has always been a leader in the network, so we learned Cisco’s technology, Relatively more valuable.

Second, integrators, agents

Integrators: integrate products/services of many brands or manufacturers, and provide complete systems/solutions to The client of Party A is responsible for the overall system/program operation and assumes after-sales responsibilities.

Agents: Mainly to maintain and broaden channels. Acting for the products/services of manufacturers needs to undertake certain functions of funds, logistics and services.

With the CCIE certificate, we can go to some of the more famous integrators, agents, etc., such as Cisco’s general agent, or the gold generation, in integrators, agents, I can contact various For such related engineering projects, large projects or small projects, in agents, integrators can learn a lot of practical knowledge. They are all real guns and live ammunition to do projects, which can help us accumulate rich project work experience. The technical requirements of engineers are also very high. It is best to have a CCIE level. With a CCIE level, it will help us deal with various intractable diseases when doing projects. In the integrator, the agent There is also a demand for CCIE certificates among businessmen. For example, the general agent and the gold generation. As a Cisco gold generation, you must have a corresponding number of CCIE engineers before you can undertake projects, bidding, etc., in system integration projects Many owners have proposed that contractors must have CCIE certified experts to be eligible to undertake projects. In order to allow customers to obtain expert technical support, Cisco has stipulated in its certification agency system that gold and silver certified agents must have a certain number of CCIEs, so in integrators, agents, if you have a CCIE certificate, whether it is for individuals or companies, it is very good.

3. OperatorsThe final data must be carried by IP. This is already a consensus, so no matter which operator is vigorously developing IP bearer networks. Whether it is a simple network device or a so-called multi-service platform, what CCIE has learned is indispensable anyway. Therefore, major operators have a huge demand for network talents. Therefore, some high-level CCIEs must be selected targets.

ok, well, the above is a summary of our CCIE job hunting and why CCIE is so easy to find a job. I hope everyone can pass CCIE smoothly.

Four. Party A (Network Management)

Some large companies range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. These companies include banks, securities, insurance, petrochemicals, electric power, transportation, civil aviation, large multinational companies, and so on. It is no exaggeration to say that these companies are like a small country. Their network is huge and complicated due to historical reasons. The network scale of some companies far exceeds the network scale of an ISP. Of course, such a network needs some network masters to maintain. And of course such group companies also have money. Your salary is equivalent to a piece of hair on nine old cows to them. Of course, the network of these companies is not to provide services to others, but to run a large number of applications, such as ERP systems or OA, etc., so you must be familiar with the host operating system and some databases, and the requirements for network administrators are very high. high. The network management personnel of such a large company are generally not one, but multiple, each managing different things. However, in such a company, the network management department is in the wrong no matter what, no matter how you practice, you can't become immortal. Where can you most be a manager of an IT department. Therefore, to work in such a company is a last resort! However, looking through the fame and fortune of life and being indifferent and elegant alone, such a company is also a good home.

Five. Training companies

As the old saying goes: learning is good, and now there are many online training companies. Which certification training accounts for a large part, of which Cisco's certification training can be regarded as the most. These training companies generally require their instructors to have CCIE certification. Of course, these lecturers are also required to have clever expression skills and rich engineering experience. Generally speaking, the treatment of these training companies is not bad, especially when you become a pillar and cannot do without you, your treatment will be good. It mainly depends on your ability and dedication. The advantage of working in these companies is that your basic skills will become more and more solid. With continuous interaction with students, your knowledge system will continue to be systematic and perfect, and will closely follow the latest technological developments.

Five. Q&A (CCIE)

1. The problem of CCIE age

Some Classmates may think that our CCIE eats youthful meals, but it is not the case. We do projects and do engineering. In fact, we don’t look at how old you are. What we look at is your experience and the embodiment of your value. Can you work? Whether this job can be done or not, the longer we have time on the Internet, the more experienced we are. Therefore, for the older CCIE, his experience must be very rich. When implementing the project, we rely on ours. Engineering experience and CCIE skill level.

So, I don’t think you need to worry about your age. The older the CCIE, the more experienced it is and the more delicious it is. Like ginger, ginger is still hot. Therefore, in the end, what our company looks at is your abilities, not something else. What companies really care about is whether you can work? Can you solve the problem.

Second, the question of CCIE academic qualifications

We are not very demanding in the academic qualifications of CCIE, nor is it a mandatory requirement that you must have a full day A bachelor’s degree is not very important to our system integrators and agents. Almost a college degree is enough. If you want to go to Party A, go to an institutional unit, or if it is a foreign-funded enterprise, this kind of The company has a slightly higher degree of academic qualifications and may require an undergraduate degree certificate. In fact, we can go to some outside institutions to obtain a degree to prepare a degree certificate, such as some self-examination type undergraduate degree certificates and so on.

3. Some views on working with HelpDesk

HelpDesk is actually not that tall, it is what we commonly call network administrators, network administrators, repairs every day Computers, look at servers and the like, the work is very complicated, very simple, and there is no technical content. I think a little white can learn it by himself if he explores it for a month, so I say HelpDesk. Jobs are very easy to be replaced. As an IT person, we should always keep improving and keep the habit of lifelong learning. If you can see your future job prospects, then this job has little meaning and no value. As an IT person, we should pursue some challenging and valuable jobs. For example, network engineers, to do projects, engineering, or even network architects, etc.; and the salary of our network management position is not high. I hope that everyone can maintain a young state, constantly compare themselves with themselves, overcome themselves, keep asking themselves, let themselves learn new things, let themselves try some new things, continue to work hard, progress, this kind of profession Only the position can truly reflect the value of life.

Four. Studying and preparing for CCIE

In the process of learning CCIE, in the process of preparing for CCIE, we can give ourselves this grand plan Decompose and formulate small goals one by one, set phased small goals with time nodes, break down the goals into several small tasks, and then we desperately complete each small task we set, focusing on each of our own Small tasks, continue to check, summarize, improve, and perfect.

Then there is a "constant". I hope everyone can keep persevering and persevere!

Study is learning, examination is examination, learning is the process you care about! And the test you care about is the result! The purpose of preparing for the exam is to get the number!

Five. Methods of learning

When studying and preparing for the CCIE exam, we need to make a big and firm determination, no less than Anyone’s efforts and enthusiasm should be prepared, practice more, experiment more, ponder more, and maintain a spirit of skepticism. What the book says is not necessarily right, and what the teacher says is not necessarily right. If you have verified that it is true, practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. There is also the need to be agile and easy to learn, not ashamed to ask, if you don’t understand, you have to find a solution by yourself, you can Baidu, you can Google, you can ask your side Friends, teachers, etc.

Six. Learn from Cisco or Learn from Huawei

In fact, in this area of ​​network technology, whether you learn from Cisco or Huawei, their underlying principles are the same The same, there is no essential difference. The only real difference is that the CLI command set is different. From the comparison of Cisco and Huawei's global technology status, Cisco was established very early, and Huawei will be later. Cisco is us. A veteran enterprise in the network industry, and Cisco has provided a lot of documents for our current network protocols, and developed a lot of protocols. Like MPLS, MPLS was first developed by Cisco and then publicized. In fact, many publicly owned Most of the agreements are improved from Cisco’s previous proprietary agreements. Here, I suggest that you take the CCIE certificate. I think the value and gold content will be better and a higher level. Because Cisco's global technology status still belongs to the Leader!

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