I have to say that it is very useful.

PMP can be said to be a required certificate for management positions. Nowadays, project-centric enterprises are increasingly participating in international and domestic market competition, increasing project revenue, increasing response to the market and customers, and improving customer satisfaction. This is the goal of enterprises to improve their competitiveness and must be achieved. For this goal, it is necessary to improve the level of project management. Therefore, more and more companies are beginning to attach importance to the training of project talents.

According to a survey conducted by American IT training companies and well-known magazines in the US IT industry in the fall of 2014, among the 15 most valuable vocational qualification certifications, the PMP certification sponsored by PMI is already ranked No. Four. PMP certification is also the first among non-IT security technology certifications. The three certifications ranked in front of the PMP certification are all IT security technology certifications.

The following are the top 5 qualifications and average annual salary:

1. Risk and Information System Control (CRISC): US$119,227

< br/>2, Information Security Manager (CISM): US$118,348

3, Information System Security Specialist (CISSP): US$110,603

4, Project Management Professional (PMP): US$109,405

5. Information System Auditor (CISA): US$106,181

The company will give priority to PMP certificate holders when enrolling Some people, some companies encourage project backbones to conduct PMP exams and certifications in batches, and some companies conduct project management training within the company. Project management is bound to improve project benefits, improve work efficiency, and gain greater competitive advantage for the enterprise.

As a management position, a product manager who obtains the certificate of PMP will naturally have many advantages, and he will be able to obtain greater and stronger competitiveness for his work.

The utility of the PMP certificate covers almost all industries, and the product is naturally involved. However, if you have not passed the NPDP certification (International Product Manager Certification), it is recommended that you go first It is good to take an NPDP certification.

The value of PMP certification is to provide workers with a way to solve problems and achieve the purpose of improving personal working ability. The technical staff who are engaged in learning PMP learn a scientific work process, which helps product managers no longer feel confused and confused about the progress of the work, but use a complete and feasible plan to implement this technical project.

So, what is the role of PMP in the product? Let me analyze it with two points.

1. Improve the work efficiency of product managers

Know that PMP is the basic language of project management, and what you learn is a way of thinking logically, and the same is true in product work It involves knowledge of communication and management. Therefore, learning PMP is very helpful for the development of the work of the product manager, and the work efficiency can also be greatly improved.

Second, improve the project management level of product managers

From the current business perspective, most of the Internet companies that have product managers’ needs are now Internet companies. What you need to know is, Among them, the job of the product manager also needs to involve project management. Although it does not involve related powers, some system theory management knowledge necessary for managers is still very good to use.

So as a product manager, if you want to make your future work more efficient and get more project management opportunities, it is very beneficial to take a PMP certificate.

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