Many people are working in Internet technology. If everyone can get aws certification, Cisco certification, it is especially helpful for personal development. Many Internet professionals want to know how well aws certification is, and what is the key to aws verification new projects.

What is aws certification?

Aws certification is a service project of amazon (Amazon) enterprise cloud computing technology IaaS and PaaS service platform. AWS is user-centric and provides a complete set of cloud computing technologies including scalability, storage, database query, and application software, which can help companies reduce IT capital investment costs and maintenance costs. AWS has given a set of infrastructure construction and application software service projects, so that basically all application software can be operated in the cloud: from company application software and new Internet big data projects, to leisure games and sports application software.

aws certification is not very easy to base. According to the verification messenger, aws certification exams are closely related to a difficult problem, namely how to use AWS cloud technology Solve the problems encountered by the company in various application fields more effectively. From the content, there are the following characteristics, and this characteristic also determines the authority and threshold of the certification exam. The content is very close to the specifics, and most of the information in the exam comes from the difficult problems to be dealt with in the specific. It can be said that it is closely related to the specifics and keeps up with the trend of the times, instead of testing some rote professional knowledge, the level and direction of the paper is very high.

Has aws certification been good?

What is the key to aws verification new project

EC2 (ElasticComputeCloud) is a kind of malleable cloud computing Technology, can give users a measurement volume of scalability and variability. General consumers can create and manage several vm virtual machines, deploy their own business processes on the virtual system, and the computing level of the vm virtual machine (CPU, running Memory, etc.) can be adjusted in time according to business process needs.

ElasticIPAddresses (Extensible IP Addresses)-Extensible IP addresses are detailed static IP addresses designed for dynamic cloud computing technology. A malleable IP address is related to your account, not to a particular example of you. Unlike the traditional static IP detailed address, the malleable IP address can match your total IP address to your account randomly according to the case, so that you can ignore the case or use the incorrect area. The connection is essentially based on the NAT 1:1 pairing of each ElasticIP and PrivateIP.

ElasticMapReduce: EMR chooses to operate on the managed Hadoop architecture of amazonEC2 and S3. To directly obtain a satisfactory computing level, such as web page database indexing, big data mining and other data information-intensive daily tasks, it is easy to solve massive amounts of information with economic development, and there is no need to worry about the time setting and management of the Hadoop cluster. Method or tuning.

The aws certification is an Internet technology verification issued by the Amazon platform. Everyone wants to know how well aws certification is. According to the verification messenger, aws certification is not easy to base. If you want to get aws certification, the degree of difficulty is also very high. big.

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