The deceased is like a husband, and will not give up day and night. In a blink of an eye, the year has come. Recently, in my work and life, people often ask me if I can follow the path of a network engineer, whether there is value in learning CCNA, and how to learn how to prepare for the exam. So I spent some time summarizing the experience of the study and work in the past few years, and shared it with you who are struggling hard or feeling helpless.

Is there a future for network engineers?

Many friends who have just graduated often worry that their industry will become a sunset industry. Such worries are inseparable from today's impetuous social culture. Everyone wants to make quick money, and they all want to be at the forefront of the times and be the trend-makers of the times. What society needs today is "T"-shaped talents-broad and precise, big and comprehensive. The most basic network knowledge should be the cornerstone you need to lay the most. On such a cornerstone, you can expand to more and wider neighborhoods, security, software-defined networking, IoT, network automation, and so on. Any industry is a sunset for people who stop and don't want to make progress; for people who are tireless and constantly learning, any industry is a sunrise. There is no declining industry, only incompetent people.

Is CCNA still valuable

"Objectively speaking, Cisco's position in the market is indeed not as good as before, but it is not so alarmist. Network Getting started is not only CCNA, but you can also learn JNCIA, HCIA. But why do I still recommend that you learn CCNA, because it has the longest history, the most complete information, the most complete community, and the most people discussing. Remember, we pass this Vendor certification needs to learn the basics of the network rather than a single configuration command. Different vendors have different configuration methods, but the working principle of the network is the same. After learning Cisco, it is easy to get started with other vendors' equipment.

Can CCNA self-study

Yes, my personal experience, from CCNA to CCIE all the way is self-study. Self-study and participation in training courses have their own Pros and cons. I chose self-study at the beginning because of economic considerations and didn’t want to spend too much money. Online training in that era was not as popular as it is now.

Online self-study training should be the best choice at the moment. It combines To gain the advantages of the other two methods. It is very important to choose a good online training course, everyone should pay attention to the following points:

· Can you first listen to it for free? /p>

· Can you ask questions at any time – don’t choose if you can’t ask interactively

· Whether theory is combined with practice – just talk about theory without providing an experimental environment, don’t choose

Here I will focus on the experimental environment. There is no need to use real equipment for the learning of routing and switching. The virtual environment can meet all needs from CCNA to CCIE exams. The important thing is that training courses should provide pre-configured experimental environments for everyone Do exercises. Only by doing more experiments can you thoroughly master theoretical knowledge.

How does CCNA study by myself

The most important thing is to have a correct attitude. Learning CCNA is In order to master network knowledge rather than just a certificate. Impetuous is the biggest enemy of success. Don’t be afraid of hardship or time spent in learning. It’s difficult to get started. You must have a lot of things you can’t understand when you’re new to the Internet. The best way to learn Yes:

· Read the book, read the book and read the book again, don’t just read one book, find a few more books to refer to each other. A book often has its own omissions. Look at the latest book , Especially for you who are novices, you can’t tell which technologies have been eliminated, and you can no longer waste time learning. Reading English books, you have to get used to English materials, and you can’t escape technical skills if you want to do well in English. /p>

· Watch the video, watch the video repeatedly, and ponder over every sentence the teacher said. The time of the video is limited. It is impossible to put all the messy content in it like a book, the teacher must say it It’s the classic and the most important.

· Baidu and Google use it. Some simple questions The search engine is simple and effective.

· Ask the teacher, the more you ask, the better. The more you ask, the more you think.

· Do experiments and do it over and over again to form muscle memory.

· Summarize knowledge points, don’t look at other people’s summary, mind map made by others. Only what you do is best for you, and only what you do can represent you to learn.

How does CCNA prepare for the exam

There is something called "question bank". Some friends will ask me if I didn’t study as a certificate before, how can I let everyone use the "question bank" now? The reason is simple:

· Consolidate my knowledge through the questions and answers in the "question bank".

· The cost of the exam is not cheap, and the "question bank" is a double insurance for yourself.

What kind of work can CCNA do?

"Paper CCNA" dare not do anything, know nothing, ask three questions. "Dry goods CCNA" can actually do 50% to 60% of pure technical work. Why do I emphasize that it is purely technical work, because some jobs, such as pre-sales, require an understanding of the market, products, and design architecture, which require some time to accumulate.

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