Let's talk about the results first. In general, the results of the CCIE written test can be known on the spot. After passing the CCIE experimental test, the experimental test results will be known on the night of the test, and there are rare cases where it will be the second God knows. If you receive an E-mail from "Congratulations", then congratulations, you are already a CCIE! ! ! The CCIE number will be told to you in the mail. The CCIE number starts from CCIE#1024. In order to commemorate the difficult exam of CCIELab, Cisco has determined that the CCIE Lab exam itself is a CCIE# number (so the CCIE Lab exam is crowned with the first CCIE#1024), so subtract 1024 from your number, which is since 1993 , you are the first in the world to pass.

What do we need to do after knowing that we have passed CCIE? For candidates who pass CCIE, Cisco will mail paper certificates and crystal badges to them. Before that, candidates need to confirm the mailing address on Cisco's official website, The URL is http://www.cisco.com/go /certifications/login. The account password is the one used by candidates when they apply for the lab exam, and it is universal. Under normal circumstances, you can choose one of the paper certificate and the electronic certificate. There is only one free certificate. If you want a paper certificate and an electronic certificate, a certain fee will be charged.

The certificate is issued in a few days at the beginning of each month. If you take the exam on the 31st, you can get the certificate on the 2nd or 3rd, and cisco will send you a letter to ask. Whether to mail the certificate. If you are not in a hurry, cisco can send it to you under the premise of confirming that your postal address is correct, but it may be delayed for a month.

If you currently choose a paper certificate and want to have an additional electronic version, you can log in to Cisco's official website to apply, find "certification fulfillment", click and follow the page Prompt to operate, if necessary, you can contact our teacher to explain in detail for you.

The CCIE certificate can be inquired by the method mentioned in the previous article. I hope that every candidate can pass the exam smoothly and get the coveted crystal card!

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