In the old version of the CCIE certification system, many people will compare the RS and SP curriculum systems. The issue of choosing RS and SP is often a topic of discussion among net workers. Especially our IE-LAB takes the SP direction as the core of teaching, and we often encounter this kind of problem. Now that the new Cisco EI CCIE enterprise infrastructure has been released, RS routing and switching has officially withdrawn from the stage of history. Is the new version of EI CCIE and SP CCIE still comparable? How to choose in career planning and certification exams?

SP CCIE was originally an exclusive technical direction for global service providers. It is precisely because of this positioning that many learners believe that this is a targeted direction and not suitable for career development. However, the development of SP technology has long lost the exclusive features of more than 20 years ago. Instead, with the emergence of more and more large-scale networks, SP technology has begun to be widely used, especially in MPLS VPN, BGP, L2VPN, etc. Cross-domain networks, IDC networks, data center networks, corporate networks, and other large and medium-sized networks are widely used. The similarity between SP and EI is that they are both used in large-scale networks, whether it is an enterprise network or a core network. It can be said that the SP technology is inseparable from the EI architecture, and the new SP version also incorporates soft-defined technology.

Since EI and SP have the same application scenarios, how do we choose a direction suitable for our own development?

First of all, we must recognize that now is the stage of transformation from traditional network architecture to digital network architecture.

Secondly, 20-30% of the SP’s large network architecture technology involved in the EI exam must be mastered. If you are still at the RS stage, then the goal of sprinting EI will be There will be certain difficulties, and you need to deepen your learning on the knowledge points of SP.

Finally, the current stage of traditional network transformation, most enterprise networks are still in the traditional network architecture model, and the scale of existing networks is constantly being expanded. This highlights the problem of SP technical talents being out of gear. Most of the networks are on-the-job. Engineers urgently need to improve SP's large-scale network deployment and troubleshooting capabilities. One kind of improvement of this kind of ability is self-study and the other is registration and study. What we recommend is undoubtedly that registration and study are faster and more efficient, saving time and improving quickly, instead of temporarily holding back and turning over documents when encountering problems. Although EI's soft-defined network has been successfully deployed in some cases, it is far from popular in large-scale applications and deployment.

So in terms of choosing the direction of CCIE, IELAB has the following suggestions:

If you are an engineer with multiple CCIEs and a lot of network project experience, don’t hesitate to choose EI Certification, this will prove that you have an in-depth and systematic understanding of new technologies, which will help improve your background strength. Those who already have RS CCIE do not need to take the exam, the certificate will be automatically upgraded, and the learning of new technologies can pass our SDN topic Class to get.

If you have just entered the network industry and do not have a lot of project experience, and do not have CCIE certification, it is recommended to choose SP certification. The SP exam must be simpler than EI, from basic routing exchanges to large-scale routing The configuration and understanding of technology will quickly and practically help you complete the stable development of your current career.

If you have many years in the network industry and do not have CCIE certification, you need to set up a future development space for yourself. It is recommended to choose SP certification. SP technology can clearly master the deployment of large network architecture. It is also the only way to the highest-end CCDE certification, which is the ultimate dream of network engineers. IELAB's CCDE course system covers the whole set of learning content of SP.

If you are a beginner with zero basics, you may think EI is RS. In fact, it has changed. It turns out that we support zero-based learning RS. The learning cycle of RS is relatively short and relatively Base. Now, in addition to the original foundation of RS, we must also fully understand some of the contents of SP. At the same time, we have to face the technical learning of soft definition and programming. The road to become a real EI CCIE is too long. So if you want to shorten the cycle of obtaining CCIE certification, it is recommended to choose SP. Of course, if you are confident and have enough time to study, there is no problem in choosing EI.

A quick grasp of the content of the version is done by experienced network engineers and network experts who have achieved this technical ability.

SP CCIE certification should be able to be proud after Cisco canceled the RS certification. IELAB’s SP curriculum system and teacher Zhou Tao’s teaching methods are also our most powerful core products. SP CCIE students are our best proof. Choosing CCIE certification is a process that takes money, energy, and effort. Don't choose blindly, analyze rationally. SP certification is a good candidate target.

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