Notes for the Cisco certification exam

The Cisco certification exam is divided into three levels: CCNA Cisco Certified Network Assistant Engineer, CCNP Cisco Certified Senior Network Engineer, CCIE Cisco Certified Internet Expert. First of all, candidates need to be clear about you Which level of exam to apply for, because the content of the three levels of exams is different, and the difficulty and gold content are also quite different.

1. Exam content

CCNA certification requires only one written test, and the test fee is 350 US dollars. The CCNP certification requires 3-4 exams at a cost of 300 US dollars per subject. If you want to apply for the CCNP certification exam, you must first pass the CCNA certification exam, but the CCIE certification exam does not need to pass the CCNA and CCNP, and you can apply directly.

However, the content of the CCIE exam is more complicated. In addition to passing the written exam ($450), you also need to pass the LAB lab exam.

2. Registration method

Direct registration on the VUE official website

3. Two certificates are required for the exam

Certificate combination Need to meet: two first-class certificates or one first-class certificate + one second-class certificate

first-class certificate (with photo, within the validity period): ID card, passport

two Class certificate (within the validity period): credit card, bank card or provident fund card with name on the front and signature on the back, health insurance card with photo, student ID with current status as a student, stamp covered with photo, name, name in the signature column Signed work permit

Four. Other important points

1. The certificate must be within the validity period, expired or invalid can not be used to take the exam! If you bring an expired certificate to take the test, the test room will be refused entry and the test fee will not be refunded. Please be aware of this.

2. After successfully registering for the test, candidates must arrive at the test room half an hour before the test day to take the test!

3. In the CCIE written test, it’s not allowed to go back and do the questions that were not done before, so when you click the "NEXT" button, be careful not to click on it quickly, so as to avoid the situation where you can directly pass a question after connecting the dots. .

4. If there is a crash or other accident during the exam, it is recommended to contact the staff of the exam room immediately and let them deal with it. Under normal circumstances, after the computer restarts, the previously completed exam questions will be recorded. There is plenty of time for the test. Don’t worry. If an accident happens that wastes a lot of time and affects your test, you can negotiate with the test room to reschedule the test time.

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