I passed the certification of Solutions Architect Associate in the end of 2021.

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Passed AWS SAA C02 at the end of 21 with 865 points Now let’s summarize some of the problems and pits that we should pay attention to in the exam.

Now the cloud computing industry is very hot, and AWS is naturally the No.1 doing my part. Although the Azure behind is also very strong, but after all, the big brother came out early.

The certification systems of each company are basically the same, basically including: operation and maintenance, architecture, development, AI, big data, and security.

I certified as an assistant in Solutions Architect. Explain that the general solution architects of cloud computing are different from the usual system and software architects. The architects of cloud computing tend to have an understanding of the overall architecture capabilities and various services of the cloud, so as to give customers the best Solution; in layman's terms, it can be understood as an advanced pre-sales role.

The overall AWS SAA C02 certification is not difficult, as long as everything is reviewed and basically passed. A full score of 1000 points, 720 or more can basically pass. Exam time 130min, 65 questionsAlmost all are situational questions, you need to understand each service before they can;

Key S3 EC2 ELB ASG RDS Serverless CloudFront

Redshift Kinesis CloudFormation also has a few lines

There is a service I haven’t seen before; Cognito; I will pay attention later

Impressed topics

  1. What should I do if the node cache on CloudFront is refreshed?
  2. I often don’t visit, which one of S3 should be used for the data that needs to be retrieved in 1H?
  3. In order to avoid errors in creating SQS, what methods should be used to avoid them?

In general, the test time is enough. I have about 40 minutes left after I finish it, and I checked the marked questions; I will hand in the paper when I have about 15 minutes left.

After completing the test evaluation questions, the words Congratulations will appear after the paper is handed in; so it’s over

I received the test results email after one day.

This certificate expired in only 2 years; it needs to be re-certified. I think the certificate is just a short pause to end a learning process. What is really meaningful is the process and the knowledge learned.

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