Through years of technical work, I have successively obtained the international certificates of MCSE, CCNP, CIW System Management Master, and CIW Security Analyst. So why did I take these certificates? It is because of my working environment and learning environment that year. I want to learn new technologies and improve technology with a clear purpose, which is to increase my salary. At that time, there were no systematic training institutions for network engineers around. There were only trainings similar to MCSE and CCNA, and they were rare and expensive, but in order to improve, there was no way to learn, so I participated in MCSE. After training, I got this certificate.

The boss said to increase my salary, and I chose to quit. Because in the process of learning, my horizons have been broadened, my goals have been improved, and I want to earn more money. Therefore, the certificate test was to make money back then, which is a bit more realistic.

Because of the nature and content of the work in the work unit, through self-study, I passed the CCNA and CCNP. Because of the certificates in this area, It seems that the salary will be higher.

But later, I felt that the certificate was not an inevitable factor in determining the salary, but the technology was, but to show your high-tech, it seems that you can only prove that you can through the certificate, so I took the CIW again System analyst. Later, I got the certificate only for interest reasons, so I got the CIW security analyst. Because at this time, I no longer need a certificate to prove my technical ability.

The RMB spent in the process of obtaining the certificate is also relatively large, and the total amount is 1W. Although I have earned it back through the later work, I feel that it is not worth the money. Because of the times, I don't want to be now. 1W does not seem to be a big deal, but 5 years ago, 1W was not a small amount. Not many people have the courage to make this investment.

In the current era, I think that the certificate should be taken when necessary, because if it can't bring you corresponding economic benefits, then you have to consider it.

After all, the examination fee for international certification still rises with the rise of prices in China, ha ha. (Because of the large number of people who have passed the examination in China)

If you have the need in the following two aspects, you can consider to get the intermediate certificate of the national software test network engineer. Because the examination fee is relatively cheap, and relatively speaking, the domestic certificates are relatively more authoritative, but they are not necessarily practical (in terms of technical operation and practicality, the theory is very powerful).

If you work in a national enterprise or institution, then go for it. After all, it's an engineer title. If you are a fresh graduate (of course a computer network related major), you need to use a certificate to prove that your technical skills are very good, and you need to have outstanding advantages in looking for a job compared with others, you can take the test.

For those students who are obsessed with international certification, I personally suggest that on the basis of a certain degree of work experience, under the conditions that a certificate can increase your salary or promotion, you can consider Go for one, because at this time, you already have an economic foundation, and the skills should be relatively strong.

Although the above is my personal one-sided opinion, since I have been engaged in the training of network engineers for the past 3-4 years, I am considered a non-professional and non-professional teacher. It is still necessary and obliged to inform me Your own students should be cautious when choosing a certificate.

1. If you are in a national unit, the soft test is still more useful, mainly for the selection of professional titles.

2. Enterprises and institutions also need computer integration qualifications, and the employee’s soft exam certificate will work.

3. As for learning from Huawei or Cisco, it depends on the employer. For example, some units have a lot of Huawei equipment. If the employer needs Huawei, it is natural to choose Huawei. There are many Cisco equipment, of course, choose Cisco.

4. Generally speaking, the certificate only represents the strength, not the personal working ability.

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