ITIL Foundation is considered to be the world’s most recognized certification for the IT service management profession. But earning the ITIL Foundation Certificate might be quite challenging, especially if you would be a working professional, finding time for studying the ITIL Foundation could be quite hard.

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If you wish to succeed, you would require determining an attainable target first! Determining when you would be sitting for the ITIL Foundation exam. This is considered to be the first step of the ITIL Foundation Study Plan. This doesn’t mean that goes and schedules your ITIL Foundation exam date. Just mark a date that you would be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam. It would be all depends on your schedule, availability as well as dedication. Still, it is recommended that a regular full-time working professional plan 6 to 8 weeks for ITIL Foundation preparation.

Because a regular ITIL Foundation Training would be including about 12 to 14 hours of IT service management education, but you would be spending more time making practice tests, remembering formulas, going over notes, and going over unclear parts that you couldn’t understand well in the first attempt, etc.

Therefore, a typical ITIL Foundation preparation would take an individual about 35-45 hours in total. If you consider that you will be able to study only in the evenings, during weekends and public holidays, we would be assuming that you could spare about 6 hours for the ITIL Foundation study each week. And this would make about 6 to 8 weeks of preparation time in total.

How to Obtain the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in 5 Days?

You could plan 6 hours of study per week based on your schedule. For instance, you could study 2 hours on Monday, 2 hours on Wednesday, and 2 hours on Sunday. If you wish to leave the weekend empty, you could swap Sunday study with the Thursday. The days you would be studying for the ITIL Foundation might be changing week-to-week, but you should keep trying about at least 6 hours of study time.


There might be long special days or public holidays ahead that you wouldn’t be able to study. Plan these weeks as free and would make your ITIL Foundation study plan accordingly.

There are going to be five sections in the ITIL Foundation concept, mentioned below.
· Service Strategy
· Service Design
· Service Transition
· Service Operation
· Continual Service Improvement (CSI)

There would also be introductory sections in ITIL Foundation training. Content, as well as respectively the time required for completing these sections, would be changing. But roughly, the individuals are required to plan to complete 1 section each week. And in total, 6 to 7 sections would be completed in 8 weeks.

For instance, you could spend 15 to 20 minutes each week to go over your notes from previous sections. If you still have time for the ITIL Foundation exam, you should spend your last days going over your notes. Getting a good sleep before the day of the ITIL Foundation exam, and taking the ITIL Foundation exam for finalizing your ITIL Foundation study, is considered to be a good option.

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