First of all,
unfortunately, Iwas able to pass theCCIE Lab (R & S)examat firsttime, by wasting the number of tests in vain.In the future, I will write a study method that you will receive within three times so that you do not have to spend wasted time and money.

It is important to first understand the scope of the questions.I will study on the premise that everything written onthisBlueprintwill come out.Findingout each item fromCisco Documentationand saving it in PDF format will help you study offlour.Of course, I read books such as Cisco Press and RFC carefully.

·CCIE Routing & Switching v4.0 Lab Exam Topics (Blueprint)

·CCIE R&S Lab Equipment and IOS Version

·Cisco Documentation

·CCIE Book List

·Cisco Press

When you get an idea, start learning using the equipment.Itis common to useourworkbooks.Since I used our, I will talk about our after this.

There are workbooks of Volume 1 to 4 in our, but if there are 1 and 2, it is OK.1 is detailed training for each technology, 2 is training in 20 full labs.And don't use Volume 2 (Full Lab) of the workbook suddenly, start with Volume 1.If you use Volume 2 from the beginning, understanding of each technology will be halfway.I failed with this.

·our CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Workbooks

However, it may be a good idea to try Volume 2, Lab 1 at first to realize how difficult it is in a full lab.Preparation is easy if you use a rental rack.When I tried it for the first time, I was about to cry with so much complexity, but I was hopelessly aware that Lab 1 was the lowest problem.The level of this Lab 1 is 5 in 10 stages, but it seems that there are many people who feel that the actual CCIE Lab is about 7 levels.I also felt that it was level 7.

By the way, if it is the first time in full lab, I think it will take 2-3 hours lightly even if you enter the command while watching the answer.

·our Routing & Switching Rack Rentals

Once you understand the complexity of the full lab, start with Volume 1 and take time to understand each technology (Switching, RIP, OSPF etc).This should not take much time as a result.

First of all, start with the switch.It is no exaggeration to say that routing and other things cannot be configured at all if L2 is not configured correctly.Using the Catalyst device,


take time and practice repeatedly.

Then proceed with routing such as RIP and OSPF.In CCIE Lab, if you do not get 100% on switches and routing, you will almost never pass.It is important to understand the basic technology without taking it.

Then we move on to Multicast, MPLS, and QoS, but it takes a lot more time ...You may think that you still have so many memories.

After learning through Volume 1 we will try a full lab on Volume 2.There are up to 20 labs, but of course, as long as time allows, repeat the exercises repeatedly.Ideally all labs up to 20 will be able to see the answers.

When you are studying, there are some points that you do not understand well.The important thing at this time is that you do not use a search eng our such as Google when you search.Because you cannot search during the exam ....Always check the onl our documentation by following the link from Cisco Documentation.Cisco Documentation is a very complex structure that takes time to understand.If you use it usually, you will not have to worry about where is it during the exam.Of course, while studying, I will also search Cisco Press and RFC.

Since taking
self-studyclasses in response to classesis our Officient, we recommend that you take classes once if you do not have CCIE holders around you.It's just a waste of money to get in a situation where you don't know anything, so it's best to study Volume 1 and try a little on Volume 2.I think that if you put together the points that you usually wondered and ask the lecturer, you will get enough of the original (I do not receive it, though it is a hopeful observation).Also, if you look in front of how CCIE applicants set up, you should be able to understand your level well.

If it is a workbook of our, Volume 4 will be troubleshooting.The explanation of the debug command is very useful, but I think that there is no problem if Volume 4 is not present.This is because you will be able to respond by repeating the practice of what happens if you don't enter this command when you usually study, or what happens if you put A in place of B.

yourexam levelDo not decide on the exam day in your own mood.Be sure to set the exam date after making sure that you have received a level that is acceptable.If you take a test with a low understanding, it is likely that the problem will end without being understood at all.It seemed that I could not understand the exam contents at all and I had to go back without waiting for the end time.It seemed that he came to Shinjuku from abroad to take the exam ....

Mock Lab is appropriate for measuring your level.Just like the exam, I took a 30-minute break, for a total of 8 hours.I will try using only CiscoDoc.If you get around 60 points with this, it is acceptable level to take the exam.Why Mock Lab is more difficult than the actual exam, and it is possible to review the weaknesses until the actual exam.By the way, it was 58 points when I received it last.

·our CCIE R&S Mock Lab Exam

Taking the exam
If you starttakingthe exam, we recommend you takeit every month until you pass.It is not recommended to put a period such as half a year as it takes time to regain the feeling of the exam.It is necessary to have time to study carefully after the first and second exams.Be prepared to work for a minimum of three months, or to have time off as appropriate.

The first
exam Anyway, repeat the exam questions, including the notes.Make sure you understand what you do well and what you cannot do.Looking at each problem alone is not that difficult, but it is important how it relates to the problems before and after.And I will remember the problem as much as possible.Of course, after the exam, I will move to a calm place and record.

Of course, the usage environment of the examination site is different from what you usually go to.Let's check the setting method etc. of the terminal.You can change the font size etc.

In most cases, the results will arrive within 12 hours of the end.Look at the allocation for each section and guess what was correct and where it was wrong.Analyze and test all of this test questions until the test after a month.By the way, if you pass, the point allocation ratio will not reach.

The second exam the second
goal is to solve the problem and to have 1-2 hours of review time.Of course, I will remember and record the problem as much as possible.

Then, as in the first test, all the test contents are analyzed, and the simulation is repeated.If you receive it twice, you should be able to read the test pattern.

Of course the thirdexam and the third exam, we aim to pass.Read the problem carefully and configure carefully.Anyway, even if there is a mistake at one place, it may take a long time to fix it, so be sure to calculate the time for the review and proceed.

Once finished, of course, we will record the problem in case of the worst result of a failure.It is recommended that you continue to take care until you pass.Once you take a rest, it's just too hard to restore.

will be the last, but the most important thing is or was "discouraged no feelings".It is really difficult to continue studying for a long time until you pass the exam.It is desirable to make time intensive and aim to pass in about a year and a half from the start of study for Lab exam.

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