Is it useful to take the CCNA and CCNP certificates now? Is the CCIE certificate useful?


CCNA is the Cisco entry certification exam. If you want to obtain a CCNA certificate, you can pass two There are three methods, the first is to take the CCNA certificate directly. The second is to pass ICND1 and ICND2 respectively, and then exchange for CCNA certificate.

As an entry-level certificate, the CCNA certificate is relatively simple. As for why you should understand. Most employers know that there is something like tk, so the recognition degree in China is not high.

Certificates are useless, so let's not learn them? Learning and certification must be clearly distinguished. As the basis for CCNP and CCIE, CCNA learning can be studied without verification.


CCNP is Cisco’s intermediate certification exam. If you want to obtain the CCNP certificate, you must pass the CCNA certificate to take the three CCNP exams. Certification, a total of four exams are required to get the CCNP certificate.

The CCNP certificate has some effects. It is not difficult to obtain the CCNP certificate. There are still things like tk, and the degree of recognition is still not high. Spent 7000 yuan, can not get the corresponding treatment, the price is very low.

3.CCIE certificate

As Cisco’s ultimate certification exam, the IE certificate is an authoritative certification in the industry. The CCIE certificate can be taken directly without passing CCNA , CCNP. To obtain the CCIE certificate, you must first pass the CCIE written test before you are eligible to make an appointment for the CCIE LAB (Examination for Experimental Operations). After passing the CCIE LAB test, you can obtain the CCIE certificate.

It is difficult to obtain the CCIE certificate. It usually takes several years of network engineer experience abroad, plus at least more than 1,000 hours of real machine operation experience. In this case, an average of 3-5 tests can pass the LAB. . CCIE mainly learns through training institutions and exercises with question banks, so the difficulty of CCIE is greatly reduced.

However, private companies still have a high degree of recognition of CCIE, which is very strange. Passing the CCIE exam first does not fully represent that you have the CCIE ability, but passing the CCIE exam cultivates your perseverance and a character that can stand loneliness.


Certificates are recognized as a certain stage of learning, and are the criteria for employers to select people in the vast crowd. If you don't have a certificate, it doesn't mean you are incapable. If you have a certificate, it doesn't mean that your ability is definitely better than that without a certificate. There used to be people Amway and I, gold will shine sooner or later, but this is an impetuous age. Before you can shine, you are buried in the vast crowd.

What you believe in your heart, keep acting, and one day the sun will be shining brightly. ----- Where the heart goes to where the body goes.

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