Changes are going to be a scary thing. You would be unaware of what’s going to happen. It is considered to be all new to everyone. So, we will look at what Cisco’s changes mean for the latest CCNP Enterprise certification. We will explore the new CCNP Enterprise certification paths, the new exams, and what you are required to know for preparing for them.

CCNP Enterprise: The Basics

The first thing you should be aware of would be that you will require passing two exams to earn the CCNP Enterprise. The core exams would change depending on which path you would be deciding to take. In the case of CCNP Enterprise, you would be looking at the 350-401 ENCOR exam. Even with the core exam, a passing score would earn you a specialist certification. In this case, that would be the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core. Additionally, the core exam for the 350-401 ENCOR would be able to double as a requirement for a CCIE Enterprise Wireless and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure.

CCNP Enterprise: The 350-401 ENCOR Exam

350-401 ENCOR is considered a 120-minute exam, and that would be able to test your overall knowledge of implementing core enterprise networking technologies. The exam is going to costs you about $400 in the United States. While there would be no formal prerequisites, three to five years of experience in implementing enterprise networking solutions would be recommended. When you pass the core exam, you would have about three years from the pass date to go for the concentration exam and earning the CCNP Enterprise.

CCNP Enterprise: Core Exam Options

Once you have completed the core exam, you will have about six different concentration exams to pick from. The one you would be deciding to go with will depend on the area you choose as your specialty.


Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services – 300-410 ENARSI: With this exam, your knowledge of implementing and troubleshooting advanced routing technologies and services will be tested. You would also receive the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation certification once you have completed this.


You must have the CCNA knowledge before going for the CCNP due to the changes made for the exams. You may be able to go straight for the CCNP, but you might be at a disadvantage unless you have acquired over five years of tremendous Cisco experience. You could do CCNP Course if you haven’t received the CCNA Certification, but knowledge of CCNA is compulsory to have. If you wish to obtain CCNP Certification, first do CCNA as well as to get the certification. And then, you would be able to do CCNP and appear for CCNP exams one by one.

Final Thoughts

In short, the new CCNP hasn’t lost the value and prestige of the old CCNP, but it has been modernized concerning the content. The new CCNP exams are considered to be quite challenging, modern, and relevant. The previous offering was beginning to show its age and would have done an excellent job adjusting the exams to match skills considered in demand. Additionally, providing specialist certifications along the way helps with a proper progression sense. Now that you have obtained all the necessary information, you would be thinking of getting the same in a single attempt. I would recommend you to obtain the our CCNP Exam Dumps to achieve success in your very first attempt.

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy CCNP 300-410 ENARSI Dumps, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.


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