Under the current tide of information security, talent is the key to the development of information security. More and more people choose to enter the information security industry. In 2022, the demand for network security talents will grow linearly, and it is expected to reach 2.2 million!

How to quickly enter the information security industry and gain a firm foothold? Obtaining a security industry certificate is the first thing most practitioners in the information security industry do, and it is also an important factor for entering a famous company, successful interview, and obtaining a high salary. In today's social work, a person's ability performance often determines a person's quality of life, and a person's ability performance is often reflected in the acquisition of work-related ability certificates.

Security+ certification is a neutral third-party certification, and its certification body is CompTIA, the American Computer Industry Association; it is one of the top 10 popular certifications in the international IT industry, including CISSP and ITIL.

Recommendation reason 1: Among all information security certifications, the certification that focuses on information security technology is blank, and Security+ certification can just make up for the blank in the field of information security technology.

Currently the most recognized information security certifications in the industry are CISP and CISSP, but both CISP and CISSP focus on information security management. Moreover, CISSP requires certificate holders to have more than 5 years of work experience in information security, and CISP also requires more than 4 years of work experience with a college degree. These requirements will undoubtedly block the road of certification for capable and motivated young people. In the real society, whether it is looking for a job, getting a promotion or raising a salary, or reporting a person when bidding, certification is essential, which brings a lot of injustice to young people. The emergence of Security+ can remove obstacles in the career development of these young people. Since Security+ focuses on information security technology, there is no special requirement for work experience. As long as you have an IT-related background, you can study and take exams in pursuit of progress.

Recommendation reason 2: A sharp tool for IT operation and maintenance personnel to work and turn over.

In the banking, securities, insurance, information and communication industries, there are many IT operation and maintenance personnel, and the work involved in IT operation and maintenance is also very wide. It is a comprehensive technical post integrating network, system, security, application architecture and storage. Although there is no programmers' tragic and solemn "being a bachelor in life, and writing code in death", they also have the emotion of "the afternoon of hoeing and weeding is not as hard as operation and maintenance". Faced with computers and machines every day, it is inevitable that there will be confusion and confusion about career development after a long time. The emergence of Security+ international certification allows aspiring IT operation and maintenance personnel to learn network security knowledge and master network security practices. Career development is developing in the direction of network security, solving the shortage of domestic information security talents. In addition, even if there is no transformation, to do a good job in operation and maintenance, it is essential to learn security knowledge and obtain security certification.

Recommended reason three: grounded, international style, convenient for exams, moderate cost!

CompTIA, as the most influential global leading organization in the global ICT field, is professional, fair and impartial in information security personnel certification. Security+ certification focuses on operations and is closely related to the daily work of front-line engineers. It is suitable for IT-related personnel such as banks, securities, insurance, and Internet companies to learn. As an international certification, it is widely recognized in 147 countries around the world.


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