That is considered quite an interesting question because the CCNA Certifications aren’t an easy exam to clear and usually will be deemed the first certification that people go after. Either way, it wouldn’t be able to bring up a good question, or that would be that whether the Cisco Certification is considered to be enough to gain a job in IT. Let’s have a look.

So, would you be able to gain a job with only the Cisco CCNA certification?

Many employers would be hiring someone with only the Cisco CCNA certification for a lower-level or entry-level IT or cybersecurity job. However, the chances of being hired will increase significantly if you could combine your CCNA with a second skill, like the technical experience, another certification, or a soft gift such as customer service. Let’s dive in a little deeper for taking a look at what our chances would be to find a job with just a Cisco CCNA certification, and what else we could add to our resume for increasing our chances of success in the job search. Before we discuss Cisco Certifications’ Job opportunities, you should acquire the our Cisco Exam Dumps to achieve success in the first attempt.

Jobs You Can Gain With the Cisco Certification:

The Cisco CCNA, which is also known as the Cisco Certified Network Associate, is considered to be a certification which would be designed by Cisco as an advanced entry-level or what they would be able to call associate-level designation that would be indicating an understanding of layer two and layer three switching and routing concepts, and about how they would be applying to Cisco equipment. The Cisco CCNA would have been around for over 20 years and has remained immensely popular throughout that time.

How much salary will be offered for CCNA?


Cisco would have also developed other CCNA certifications, which would have been including CCNA Wireless, CCNA CyberOps, and CCNA Security. These certifications are considered to be similar associate-level credentials in the Cisco lineup. However, when anyone would say CCNA, they are almost always referring to the CCNA Routing and Switching, which would be mentioned above, because it would be the first and remains the most popular one.

The CCNA would be intended for leading to any number of entry-level to mid-level networking based career options. These would be including the positions like network technician, network analyst, network engineer, network administrator, or possibly even network security analyst. These positions would be given different names at different companies, so bear in mind that not all network engineers would do the same thing. A network administrator at one company might be doing the same thing as a network technician at another.

CCNA Scope in the USA – 2021 | Salary, Job Roles & Career after CCNA

Regardless, the Cisco CCNA would be designed for verifying you would be prepared for networking based positions that would be responsible for wiring networks, installing as well as configuring routers and switches, and performing basic troubleshooting. Most employers might not be willing to turn you loose on a network as well as performing more risky configurations, like configuring routing protocols or access control lists with the CCNA until you would be proving your ability. Still, they might be willing to bring you onboard for testing your knowledge out and give you more basic tasks for the completion.

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