In science and technology, there is a common misunderstanding that only talents can make you a place of success. And although a few college graduates have turned into CEOs and self-taught app success stories, the truth is that there are outstanding professionals who use their various degrees, hard-won certificates, make them successful in the industry.

This is especially true in information technology, where 60% of employers use certificates to confirm subject expertise, while 72% of employers require IT certificates in specific job openings.

Now, there are as many IT certifications as stars in the sky. Each item qualifies you for a different position and salary. Therefore, it is best to choose an industry-recognized provider and offer reliable services in your ​​interest area.

This is why Cisco has become a popular choice for most IT practitioners who want to make their careers stand out. As a global leader in network hardware and solutions, Cisco has formed a digital backbone for many large companies. It is a natural move for individuals that want to demonstrate their values and skills to potential employers.

There are several reasons why obtaining a Cisco certification is the core reason for the network business:Cisco certification brings various career paths.

The IT world is vast. And, whether you plan to work in cloud computing, security, or network management, Cisco will provide all kinds of certifications to prepare you for these positions at all levels. Depending on the path you choose, you can start at the entry-level and obtain a Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) certification, which can help you understand network basics, such as LAN switching technologies and infrastructure maintenance.

Then, as you pass Cisco’s assistant, professional, expert, and even architect-level certifications, you can improve your skills in various directions. These certifications will undoubtedly open the door to other positions and salary levels.


Cisco is the network leader.

As mentioned earlier, Cisco helped create the networks and infrastructure used to connect today’s enterprises. Moreover, since most Internet communications today are carried out through Cisco’s network path, showing that you know how to deal with this provider’s solution will make you more and more important and attractive to potential employers.

Obtaining Cisco certification can increase your salary.

Although it is easy to get into the IT field with a certificate, having the right credentials can significantly enhance your salary. According to Simplilearn, the average salary increase for Cisco Certified Network Assistant (CCNA) certification is 20%, one of Cisco’smost popular assistant-level certificates. Moreover, the Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCNP) received 15 top-level compensation IT certifications as well.

Of course, to obtain these benefits, you must pass many of Cisco’s certification exams, which is not an easy task. However, the exam dumps offered at our can help you prepare for the Cisco exams at ease. During the studying process, you can expand your knowledge in a range of network applications.  

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