Try many times, final pass the CCIE RS!

I have tried many times to pass exam but I was failed to pass. Finally I passed the our RS LAB 400-101 exam! Thank you for our teachers for answering my questions patiently, thanks

our TS2:


Port security on SW410

(To delete the instruction twice, delete it) R40 has no lease


SW111 declares vlan 2001

There is a route-map out in R14, which matches a list of prefixes and deletes the one of deny.


Route map NAT

Mat ip add prefix xxx

Ip pre xxx seq 5 deny

Ip pre xxx seq 10 per ip any any


Before the practice of the problem, specifically forget which one. It seems that the SW200 ospf announced to area 10, Change back to 1 on the line.


Deleted 20 route-map SP1 (ext-community)


The encryption method is wrong, and the copy of 51 is swiped.


Pre-configured to do ipv6_dhcp pool but not called in vlan 2001


R3 mpls password CISC0


not solved.


Forgot, it's all simple.


Set the nat out of R25 to R24.

our Diag2+:

According to the method given by our, it is very simple.

our LAB2 +:

Seeing jamesons knows that it is the LAB2+ version so go straight to see the configuration of R17.


When you see the command Sh ip vrf, it is determined to be LAB2+.

The basic difference is not big but there is definitely no priority requirement for 65001. There is a clear requirement for the CE of the Jacobs. Do not see 65001 and do not see 65006 in the ibgp. Therefore, the no-prepend replace is configured on the CE side.

The redistribution eigrp 10 command in the bgp configuration in R57 needs to be deleted.

I was almost finished at 2 o'clock in the afternoon and tested the phenomenon. One of the phenomena was not successful. Finally found that it is their own problem and configured a list of prefixes but the call is a route-map. After correcting the wrong points, the phenomenon is fully realized!

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